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We Have Golden Child’s Newest Comeback On ‘Replay’

We Have Golden Child’s Newest Comeback On ‘Replay’

After releasing bop after bop last year, Golden Child is back with their sixth mini-album, AURA, and its addicting title track ‘Replay.’ Even with only nine members taking part in this release, AURA feels incredibly true to Golden Child’s identity and sound, with darker tracks but also fun and refreshing songs. You always get the full package with Golden Child and they truly never let us down.

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‘Replay’ doesn’t come as a surprise release from Golden Child and we mean that in the best way possible. Even though it still sets itself apart, the title track, as well as the whole release in general, feels so incredibly true to Golden Child, and that’s what we love about it. ‘Replay’ is almost reminiscent of older K-Pop sounds and yet it manages to incorporate elements that we love from the 4th gen. The intro for this track has to be one of their strongest, as they draw you in just one second by starting with that impressive and satisfying chorus. It has a dark aura to it with its EDM-driven production, yet the chorus melody is very pop and they go together so well. And there’s no other way to describe the post-chorus than to say: it goes hard.

‘Replay’ is just an incredible song that draws you in from the first listen and never lets go of its hold on you. Needless to say, Golden Child have done it again. It’s another amazing title track that will be hard to get out of our heads.


But drifting away from the darker sound of ‘Replay,’ Golden Child give us the entire package with AURA as the b-sides are quite different. If there’s one thing Golcha is going to do, it’s be versatile.

The first b-side, ‘Knocking On My Door,’ starts much softer than the title track, but it does take you on a ride. It kicks off as a softer and sweeter song, then shifts with the chorus into a more retro hitting song. It’s quite genius if you ask us. Meanwhile, ‘3! 6! 5!’ is such a refreshing, fun sounding, groovy song. Seriously, there’s no way you can listen to this song and not be instantly happy.

And going with an entirely different mood, ‘Purpose’ may have a somewhat upbeat production but its lyrics rip our hearts apart. The nostalgic and emotional feel of the song that clashes with the hopeful side of it make ‘Purpose’ such a bittersweet song – and a masterpiece. Its abrupt ending just makes us want to listen to this one on loop forever.

‘Miracle’ works as the perfect closing song, with its high energy and fun production. It brings the mood up after ‘Purpose’ perfectly, and wraps up this incredible mini-album amazingly – ending with a high, energy-wise and quality-wise. Golden Child have indeed done it again with another incredible, skip-less release.

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Image Source: Wollim Entertainment

Is ‘Replay’ already your favorite Golden Child title track? What’s your favorite song on AURA? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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