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5 Songs to Inspire Your Hair Goals, Including Maisie Peters’s ‘Blonde’

5 Songs to Inspire Your Hair Goals, Including Maisie Peters’s ‘Blonde’

When it comes time to welcome a new era of our faves’ music, we kind of have an entire mourning process. But we’re always blown away by how they separate those eras to help us identify the old from the new! For example, Ariana Grande passed on the Dangerous Woman bunny ears we loved for the heavenly, colorful glow of Sweetener. Taylor Swift ditched her crop tops and short hair for her darker reputation era. 5 Seconds of Summer keep getting new tattoos and we’ve basically memorized a timeline of when they inked what.

Another way artists have marked off their eras is with their hair, and our queen Maisie Peters is doing just that with ‘Blonde!’ We’ll still have her You Signed Up For This album on heavy rotation, but she’s stepping into a new chapter with a trip to the hairdressers. She’s swapping out her fresh-out-of-Sussex auburn bob for something more light and airy to remind her ex how much better off she is without him.

Image Source: @maisiepetersnetwork on Tumblr

Listening to ‘Blonde’ on repeat has really gotten to us, and we have an urge to change our looks as well! We’ve decided to create a mini hairspo playlist you can ~vibe~ to while sitting in the salon chair.

Choosing The Shade: ‘Flowers In Your Hair’

It’s mind-blowing to think about how the tambourine-driven ‘Flowers In Your Hair’ is such a staple in The Lumineers’ catalog despite being under two minutes long! The narrative in the song spans across years, seeing the speaker focus on bettering themself to be with their dream partner. 

If you’re like Maisie and moving on from someone who didn’t deserve you, try to find that inspiration in being the best version of yourself for yourself rather than to please someone else! Much like choosing a hair color, you can choose what direction you want your life to go in.

Prepping The Tools: ‘My Crown’

Whether your hair is more like Kelly Rowland’s tight curls, Blake Lively’s blonde tresses, or even Joe Jonas’ iconic rainbow buzzcut, it deserves love. Your hairstyle can be a reflection of who you are – it doesn’t have to blend in with everyone else’s! Kelly’s track ‘Crown’ is the perfect reminder of that, serving up a dance floor anthem with a video all about children accepting their natural hair.

A Strand Test: ‘Whip My Hair’

For this next song, we’re transporting you back to 2011: when everyone’s favorite Gleeks were still attending McKinley High, Adele was breaking ground with ‘Someone Like You,’ and we were all trading Silly Bandz with our friends. What’s one track most of us had on our iPods? Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair,’ of course! This confident anthem is all about loving who you are and not caring what people think. Some things don’t go out of style, and embracing your hair and appearance is one of them!

If you want a little extra spark, search up videos of Willow’s 2021 tour, where she reimagined it as a rocked-out banger!

Applying The Color: ‘my hair’

Of course, we couldn’t write an article about hair-inspired songs without including Ariana Grande, who pretty much owns the rights to wearing high ponytails. Knowing how her iconic pony has become part of her image, we weren’t shocked when she dropped an entire song called ‘my hair!’ 

She included it on her latest album, Positions, and it’s one of the various sexy tracks on the project, with another letting you solve the math problem of ‘34+35.’ This song sees Ari owning her hairstyles and using them as a metaphor for getting closer to her husband, Dalton!

Rinsing It Out At The Sink: ‘Blonde’

If it’s not the title, ‘Blonde,’ or Maisie clearly in a layered wig, then it’s definitely the 1982 Blondie tour shirt that gives us the first hint of what this song’s about. Their fierce frontwoman, Debbie Harry, is known as one of the most powerful women in rock and that’s totally the energy Maisie is channeling in her new era. Not to mention that her band is literally called Blondie.

Behind the drum punctures when the chorus arrives, there’s no hint of the timid perfectionist who wrote ‘The List’ – this track shows off Maisie’s growth and progression towards being more confident! She even mocks what her ex’s friends will say about her – “Is that an angel? No, it’s your ex!” You can practically hear the sly grin on her face, and it reminds us of how fun this line will be to scream back to Maisie at her concerts. That’s the energy you need from a new ‘do!

Post-Salon Selfie

Maisie must’ve gone to the Taylor Swift school of fan engagement, because she’s constantly giving us 1000% online! First off, she changed her Twitter display name to “is that an angel no it’s maisie peters” to build up hype for ‘Blonde,’ and a lot of the time, she’ll pop up out of whatever shadow she’s hiding in to interact with fan tweets. No one is safe, she has eyes everywhere!

Another way Maisie has been nailing the socials game is with her TikToks – she started a Princess Diaries-style makeover trend with the hashtag #livelaughlove, jumping between hair colors and showing off her evolution.

It wouldn’t be a trend without fans hopping on the bandwagon, and thousands of Maisie’s fans have joined in to show off their own transformations. Some have even made edits with the audio showing celebrities who have gone blonde! 

See Also

Maisie has also blessed us with some live performances of ‘Blonde’ on tour with Ed Sheeran for his +–=÷x Tour! It’s just as fun as we imagined it would be, and in all the videos we’ve seen, it looks like the crowd is having a blast. 

‘Blonde’ is a song about confidence, self-worth and standing behind yourself, and although dyeing your hair isn’t necessarily the grandest thing anyone has ever done, it represents turning a new leaf in how you see yourself, for the better.

Maisie Peters

The Follow-Up Appointment

Of course, any new hairstyle needs maintenance and a little extra boost a little while after you make the switch. And Maisie’s giving us the ultimate boost on August 19th, with a “sister song” to ‘Blonde,’ called ‘Good Enough!

‘Blonde’ and’ Good Enough’ are sister songs to me – they represent the two different sides of my artistry and in a way, myself.

Maisie Peters

Are you all for dyeing your hair ‘Blonde,’ or do you think it’s better to pass on the dye box to remain as a brunette? Which of these songs is your favorite? Let us know all your thoughts on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. Be sure to follow along on both our Facebook and Instagram for more Maisie news, as she’s embarking on her i’m telling the whole of america Tour after her tour with Ed ends in November! Buy your tickets here!


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