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5 Snzae Collabs That You Should Add To Your Playlist

5 Snzae Collabs That You Should Add To Your Playlist


Snzae, formerly known as Kim Sun Jae, is a Korean R&B/Hip-Hop artist under Amoeba Culture. He made his way into the Korean music scene through a South Korean rap competition show called School Rapper in 2017. Snzae is very talented and his discography is impeccable. Within his discography, Snzae has released many songs featuring many amazing artists such as Xydo, SOLE, Gaeko, THAMA, Reddy, Boi B, and more! Check out five of our favorite Snzae collabs below.

‘Sandwich’ (Feat. YELLA)

In 2019, Snzae released this playful, yet sentimental, track. In ‘Sandwich,’ Snzae uses metaphors to describe someone special, comparing this person to a sandwich and morning, among other things. He also expresses his vulnerability and shares his feelings for this person in the lyrics, which is quite endearing. If you enjoy listening to lo-fi music, you will like this song as it is soothing and comforting. Additionally, YELLA and Snzae’s vocals marry well together on this track and overall make for a great song!

‘Tiny Hole’ (Feat. Gaeko)

This track has Soul and R&B elements and the instruments used in the song pair perfectly with the melody. Gaeko and Snzae’s harmonization is out of this world, and when you listen, you will feel like you’re in heaven!

‘Pool’ (Feat. Xydo)

This track will remind you of early 2000s music! If you are someone who is constantly reminiscing about music from the early 2000s, give this song a listen. The beat and melody are easy on the ears and the song overall gives tropical vibes. You can grab some headphones, take a seat outside on a sunny day, and feel like you are chilling on an island somewhere. Xydo and Snzae have similar tones, so the arrangement of the song was an ideal fit for the two of them.

‘Someday’ (Feat. SOLE) (Prod. Padi)

The piano and background vocals will simply blow you away on this track. Also, SOLE’s sweet and silky vocals are such a nice addition to this song, and having her on the song really makes it stand out. Snzae and SOLE’s voices complement each other well and add variation to the song!

‘Sool’ (Feat. THAMA)

Snzae just released the title track ‘Sool’ (feat. THAMA) on August 8, 2022, and it is exactly what we needed! The title of the song, ‘Sool,’ or 술 in Korean, means alcohol. The title of the song is a direct connection to the lyrics of the song. In this track, Snzae isn’t afraid to express his true emotions and thoughts about wanting to drink to escape the struggles we go through in this chaotic world. The melody of this track has a melancholic feel and Snzae does an amazing job of portraying the emotions embodied in the lyrics through his singing. Also, the switch up with THAMA in the middle of the song is everything and they both did an exceptional job arraigning this track. We are definitely playing this one on repeat!

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Which Snzae collab is your favorite? Who would you like to see Snzae collab with next? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter!

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