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Rosalía Shows Us A Typical Spanish Summer In The ‘DESPECHÁ’ Video!

Rosalía Shows Us A Typical Spanish Summer In The ‘DESPECHÁ’ Video!

We love to have an amazing time getting to know different music styles from around the world, so what happens when you combine an international trending artist with a beach from Mallorca? You get the amazing Rosalía having fun in the ‘DESPECHÁ‘ music video! The video references Spanish summer culture, with the unique Rosalía style that we can’t get enough of! Follow along to check out the little details that you might have missed while watching it!

All Ages Welcome!

‘DESPECHÁ’ is all about enjoying life with no reservations nor regrets, and this video shows how people of all ages can come together to have a great time at the beach. From little kids running around the shore and playing soccer, to younger adults dancing around Rosalía, and the feature of some seniors enjoying the beach, everyone is welcome to enjoy this fun beat and dance like nobody’s watching!

Image Source: ‘DESPECHÁ’ Music Video

Get Immersed In Spain!

If you want to know how Spaniards enjoy their summer, this video is for you! ‘DESPECHÁ’ is full of short shots that feature some of the must-haves that you should bring to have a wonderful time during a hot, summer day on your favorite beach: some games, such as a Parchís board or a Spanish deck of cards; and your favorite snacks, such as some mejillones (little mussels), potato chips, and the typical jamón serrano!

Image Source: ‘DESPECHÁ’ Music Video

Rosalía Keeps Being A Fashion Icon!

The Spanish singer has always worn iconic outfits, and her summer style truly shines in this video! Her main outfit is a red bikini top and a pair of denim shorts that she wears unbuttoned, and some cute sunglasses to complete the look! She also filmed some shots in which she’s enjoying the vibe on a beach raft, only changing the top piece of her outfit with a black crop-top that reads “Mallorca” in white letters. It’s the perfect style for this catchy tune!

Rosalía is currently performing on her first ever world tour, featuring over 30 songs from her discography, including ‘DESPECHÁ’ and other songs from her latest album, MOTOMAMI. Be sure to get your tickets soon, they are selling out fast!

What was your favorite bit from the ‘DESPECHÁ’ music video? Are you enjoying the song as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And to see which are our favorite music videos from this summer, click here.


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