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The BLACKPINK Setlist Of Our Dreams

The BLACKPINK Setlist Of Our Dreams

It’s happening, Blinks, BLACKPINK is finally dropping their second album, BORN PINK, and going on a world tour! Let us say that one more time just so we can all freak out together. World tour! There is seriously nothing we have wanted more than to see our queens live on stage again and to hear new incredible music. Christmas came early, and we are ecstatic! 

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BORN PINK will arrive on streaming platforms and physical versions on Friday, September 16th, so clear a space on your dedicated BLACKPINK shelf! The girls have already been dropping some stunning teasers, which only have us even more excited to experience the entire album live in person.

According to the current schedule on their tour website, the BORN PINK World Tour will begin on October 15, 2022, in Seoul. While the last date listed is June 21, 2023, in Auckland, more dates are still to be announced. There will be even more tour info announced early in September, so stay tuned!

To tide us over until the album release and the start of their tour, BLACKPINK will be releasing a single titled ‘Pink Venom’ on August 19, 2022. Pre-save that track right here, and don’t miss out on their amazing vocals.  

Now, we’ve had some time to think about what songs we would love to hear on a BLACKPINK tour, and this is our compiled list. Of course, choosing just these songs was incredibly difficult, but we have to leave room for the tracks from BORN PINK too. So, without further ado, let’s jump into our dream BLACKPINK setlist!

‘Ready For Love’

Yes, of course, we need to hear their latest release live! We waited long enough for new BLACKPINK music, so this needs to be on our list.


We don’t think there is anyone on Earth who doesn’t know the dance to this absolutely iconic track. It’s beloved worldwide for a reason, and we definitely need the chance to dance along with our faves in a stadium. 

‘How You Like That’

The song that gets stuck in our heads on the daily, and rightfully so. If you want to feel the confidence of having BLACKPINK back you up, then play this song, and you’ll feel like a boss. 

‘Pretty Savage’

The hits just keep coming with these girls, and that’s just a fact. There’s no way to stay seated when this track comes on, and it would be the perfect concert song to move to with your IRL Blink friends!

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‘Ice Cream’ ft. Selena Gomez

We’re putting this here in hopes that Selena Gomez will appear on stage and sing with them. We’re just convinced that the world needs a live performance of this track, and we’re sure you agree! 

Okay, Blinks, we kept our list short because we can’t wait to see what new songs they’ll be adding from their new album, BORN PINK! Make sure you pre-save their upcoming single ‘Pink Venom’ because we have a feeling it’ll make its way to their setlist! Now go on and vibe to these fun tracks!

Blinks, what is your dream BLACKPINK setlist? Leave a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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