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Step Right Up & Enter Jagwar Twin’s Hall of Mirrors

Step Right Up & Enter Jagwar Twin’s Hall of Mirrors

Our bestie Jagwar Twin is no stranger to the world of NFTs and digital experiences. Remember ‘Happy Face’ and the smile trigger? Yeah, our faces were hurting, but we smiled didn’t we? Jagwar Twin is rolling out a new digital NFT experience, Hall of Mirrors, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

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If you want to dive deeper into the lore of Jagwar Twin, Hall of Mirrors is the way to do it. Fans can mint a free Crown NFT and access the Hall of Mirrors, where they’ll find rooms to explore and immerse themselves. We’re digging the red aesthetic and overall vibe that’s going on, too.

There are tons of Artifact NFTs to find in Hall of Mirrors where you can learn more about Jagwar Twin, aka Roy, and his life. The more of these that get unlocked, the more doors open. You might find an unreleased demo, a piece of information about Roy’s music journey, a 3D scan of a childhood object of his, who knows! If you’re the first person to find and mint the Artifact NFT, you will be forever immortalized in Hall of Mirrors (your name is listed in the room). Clues can be found in his old tweets, on his website, and other social media. Apparently, he’s been planning this for a good, long while.

We haven’t decided yet if the Hall of Mirrors is a maze or an escape room, but you can join the conversation on his Discord Server, where his fans have organized and are working together to find clues and codes, enhancing their experience by building a deeper fan-based community. What you find, you can keep or sell however, independent of the other fans. The world is your oyster.

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Watching artists like Jagwar Twin create these immersive digital experiences has been eye-opening. It’s a unique form of storytelling and fan engagement that lets fans step right inside the release process, and we love to see it. Imagine finding an unreleased demo or even getting early access to show tickets through the Hall of Mirrors experience? Being that first fan to find it is the kind of bragging rights all fans hope for. It’s kind of iconic, tbh. We also love that you can mint a Crown NFT and access Hall of Mirrors for free! Shoutout to Jagwar Twin for making the Hall of Mirrors experience accessible for his fans!

Are you going to participate in Jagwar Twin’s Hall of Mirrors experience? Do you think you’ll find an Artifact NFT first? Let us know your thoughts below or find us on Twitter or our other socials.

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