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Tracks From Ari Hicks’ It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 That Remind Us Of Iconic Disney Villains

Tracks From Ari Hicks’ It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 That Remind Us Of Iconic Disney Villains

If you ever wondered when it’s time to enter your villain era, then now is a good time as Ari Hicks just released her wicked EP, It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1. This isn’t Ari’s first time on the dark side, however. In the fall of 2020, she released Kiss Me, Kill Me — an EP that had a wonderfully spooky pop sound. 

Like Ari’s previous EP, It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 is wickedly fun with tracks that will get you dancing and embracing your more villainous side. But don’t just take our word for it! As Ari describes the EP below:

Chapter 1 really embodies a lighter energy – it’s a little petty, a little savage, but it’s FUN. It’s tapping into your feminine energy and taking these cookie-cutter stories and giving them a bit of a plot twist, because why shouldn’t girls have their fun? Sonically and visually, I aligned and designed each of these tracks with main character energy (hence why they all have an actual character). These tracks are for the brats, the girls that feel silenced, the ones that are entering their villain era selflessly or selfishly — I want this chapter to be the voice for that.”

Ari Hicks

With all this talk about main character energy and diving into our villain era, we couldn’t help but find some of Ari Hicks’s tracks off of It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 to remind us of iconic Disney villains. 

‘Two Sides’ For Audrey

We couldn’t help but think of the queen of mean when we heard this song on It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1. Princess Audrey from Disney’s Descendants always had a mean streak in her, being that she didn’t take so kindly to the VKs, especially Mal. So, in Descendants 3 when her ex Ben proposed to her archenemy, it only made Audrey tip over the edge and fully embrace her villainous side.

Audrey from Descendants 3, Disney Villain, Disney Channel Original Movie, Ari Hicks It's Not That Deep: Chapter 1
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There are truly two sides to a story as we don’t think anyone would be too happy with their ex marrying their enemy, who happened to fall in love in the first place due to a love spell. It also didn’t help that Audrey got berated by her grandma, who put a ton of pressure on her to marry into the royal Auradon family in the first place. So, in a way it makes sense why Audrey went from a princess to a villain – in her eyes, her fairytale life with Ben went from a dream come true to a nightmare. Plus, that transition from her bright pink dress to dark purple is kinda iconic, honestly!

‘Sucker’ For Shego

Does this one need any explanation? The song ‘Sucker’ from Ari’s It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 is for the ultimate baddie villain, and Shego fits the bill. Like the song says, Shego isn’t trying to be anyone’s wifey, and she’s certainly ain’t trying to be a hero either. Yes, Kim Possible was cool, but with Shego’s quick quips and unapologetic confidence, she made being bad look so good! 

Shego from Kim Possible, Disney Channel Original series, Disney Villains, Ari Hicks It's Not That Deep: Chapter 1
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‘Pull Your Tooth’ For The Sanderson Sisters

‘Pull Your Tooth’ on It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 gave us witchy vibes, and who else can pull that off other than the Sanderson Sisters from Disney’s Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, Disney villains, Ari Hicks It's Not That Deep: Chapter 1
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The Sanderson sisters were, and still are, so iconic! Their cover of ‘I Put A Spell On You’ was cultural reset and was so catchy… despite it actually bewitching everyone at the party. But besides that, Winifred, Mary, and Sarah were also downright hilarious. For all-powerful witches, you’d think a bus wouldn’t scare them so much. Sure, they tried to take the life force out of children, but you can’t say they weren’t determined. They simply were girl bosses like the narrator of ‘Pull Your Tooth.’ Villainous girl bosses, who we can’t wait to see again in Hocus Pocus 2, by the way.

‘Jaded’ For Maleficent

Yeah, when Ari was singing about a “good guy” who isn’t satisfied until he’s taken everything, our mind immediately went to Maleficent. True, the old-school Maleficent was downright dirty. After all, Maleficent cursed Aurora all because she wasn’t invited to a party. And hello, she’s named Maleficent, how evil can she get?

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But, if you’re taking the 2014 Maleficent movie into account, you’ll realize there is more to the story because the king isn’t so innocent either. In fact, in a heart-wrenching scene, Maleficent awakens to find her wings cut off by no other than the king — someone she once was in love with. After that, it would make sense for Maleficent to take vengeance on the king, who is exactly like the “good guy” Ari sings about in ‘Jaded.’

Ari Hicks It's Not That Deep: Chapter 1
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We’re sure by now that after listening to Ari’s It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 and looking back at some iconic Disney villains, you want more of the EP. If so, you can listen to the full thing over on Ari’s Spotify here and over on YouTube here. What tracks off of Ari’s EP remind you of your fave Disney villain? Let us know in the comments! You can also hit us up over at our Twitter @thehoneypop or over on our Instagram

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