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Your ‘Smoke Slow’ Release Party Needs This Joshua Bassett-Inspired Ambiance Lighting

Your ‘Smoke Slow’ Release Party Needs This Joshua Bassett-Inspired Ambiance Lighting

When it comes time for an artist to pluck out an emotion to sing about, they’ll often see those scattered feelings in various colors! For example, Lorde’s pop-enthused soundtrack for those experiencing heartbreak explodes into bright green. Obviously, it has the primary color in its name, ‘Green Light.’ But Lorde also experiences chromesthesia—visualizing a green traffic light to symbolize the signal to move on. Her star-studded name sits alongside Billie Eilish, Pharrell Williams, and even Olivia Rodrigo. They all experience a form of synesthesia, trading their lyricist pens for paint brushes to fill in the shades of their music videos.

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While Joshua Bassett hasn’t joined the synesthesia club, he also enjoys matching feelings with colors. His latest single, ‘Smoke Slow,’ sees the clashing of a golden illusion where he’s with his crush and an isolated blue reminder that he won’t be the one taking her home after a party. It’s all set to the atmospheric chatter of their friends, which also cleverly fades into the song’s intro to really give you the sense that you’re a fly on the wall.

Image Source: @joshiebassett-archive on Tumblr

Whether an attendee or a thrower, we simply can’t say no to a celebratory bash, so what’s a better reason to have one than for a ‘Smoke Slow’ release party? We’ll compile the tunes, all of Joshua’s bangers clearly – ranging from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series finds to his solo stuff. And you can be on light duty, as after this deep dive into Joshua’s music videos, each room in your house will showcase one. Pick up some LED lights and let’s go!

Lilac Patio – ‘Crisis’

Let’s have our own Freaky Friday moment with Joshua and imagine if our ex dropped a song about us and the internet went ablaze analyzing our past, with a few hate bandwagons popping up as well. If we had Joshua’s awesome singing pipes, we’d also probably wind up nursing a guitar and writing a somber re-telling of the mayhem that went down.

What sets the ‘Crisis’ music video apart from ‘Smoke Slow’ is its meta-style approach, zooming out from just a solitary shot of Joshua to a couple of camera guys filming him, reminding us that sometimes it’s not just him who is at the head of decision-making. The music video’s overall palette is a subtle lilac made through the clouds’ pastel tinge and his outfit. 

Connor O’Brien was the Director of Photography for this music video, meaning he turned storyboard visuals into beautiful art shots! While we may not have the means to loan out an entire film crew, we do have LED lighting strips. With those magic lights, we can also turn our gardens into a lilac light show when our party guests eventually need to get some fresh air. First, we will hold the red, green, and blue down keys for 10 seconds each. Then press the blue key 15 times and the red nine times.

Pastel Blue Bedroom – ‘Set Me Free’

There must have been a time before Taylor Swift’s ‘Clean’ monologue when we symbolized water with a reset. Either way, Joshua got the memo as the video for his heart-breaking song, ‘Set Me Free,’ sees him on a sandy, serene beach. He’s choosing to let go of his past traumas, from the near-death experience that saw him experience septic shock and heart failure to his mental health struggles. The color palette for this music video is a dilated, baby blue that becomes more prominent when he stands in the ocean.  

Just like the ocean’s waves go to meet its shore, Connor and Joshua seem to be iconic professional pairs, as he was back to do this MV, too! If we want to transport this golden blue hour into our bedrooms, we’ll hold the red, blue, and green down keys for 10 seconds. Blast the blue up all the way, followed by both green and red 27 times.

Morning Glow in the Bathroom – ‘Doppelgänger’

Our Wildcat puts his acting chops to work in this music video where he falls upon a ‘Doppelgänger’ who reminds him of his ex-girlfriend – where’s his Teen Choice surfboard for that double-take? A golden hue is the lighting thread that entangles a bunch of memories he’s going over again through being in a state of shock. Similar to ‘Smoke Slow,’ the blue and gold contrast is used once again – except this time, the blue is symbolic of his life now, with the wall the lookalike sits in front of being painted that color. 

If we dare to blame anyone for making us morning people, then it’s Ksusha Genenfeld, who was the Director of Photography for ‘Doppelgänger.’ We wanna capture that soft sunrise, even if we’re just crying to Joshua’s music in our rooms at midnight. To do so, you know the drill: hold the red, blue, and green keys down for 10 seconds each. Make the sun jealous by turning yellow to its brightest setting. Then green 25 times and blue once.

Deep Blue Hallway – ‘Secret’

Slide this up-tempo Cluedo track over to your pal, who may as well be an FBI agent by now – their division is, of course, cheating since they’ve already caught your about-to-be ex in the act. The gloomy blues in Joshua’s music video play on the knowledge that what’s done in ‘Secret’ will eventually be found out, seeing as the corridors were clearly made for painstakingly watching our crushes make out with their lovers. No worries, we’ll just pretend it’s us instead – our own “illusions of a love that never was.”

Connor was back again for this music video! To replicate the mood, hold the blue, green, and red buttons for 10 seconds each, as always. Of course, we’ll need some blue to achieve this effect, so turn it up to its highest setting and press green two times.

A Kitchen’s Amber Styling – ‘Smoke Slow’

Joshua first announced this light-tapping number on Good Morning America on July 26, followed by what would be the celebrity equivalent to dropping it in the group chat: alerting the socials!

If you’ve already found yourself listening to his music throughout the day, you know that he’s a wordsmith. What’s different about ‘Smoke Slow,’ though, is not only its alliteration but its double-meaning. Obviously, we can all guarantee that smoking is a no-no for your health, but as cheating unfolds in the music video, it’s also something he does during the title card. Basically, we promise ourselves to be on good behavior, but ultimately we are human, and that causes slip-ups.

This song is about savoring those moments together with a person you feel close to, but know you can’t be with. Since I couldn’t say it aloud, of course, I had to write a song about it – ha!

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‘Smoke Slow’ also delves into yellows, which isn’t surprising as Ksusha Genenfeld fell into her previous role again. But it’s not exactly the morning glow we could take a selfie in. Being on the harsher side represents its treachery. There’s even a shot where the clueless lover is standing in its embers. First, hold the red, green, and blue down keys to make your lights fade to black. Turn red to its highest setting, then green 12 times.

The Guest List

While we can easily stage the lighting for our ‘Smoke Slow’ party, often, it takes a whole village of crew and cast members to bring these music videos to life! For example, Love, Victor’s actor Michael Cimino plays the boyfriend of the beautiful yet taken girl Joshua’s character has eyes for. Michael J. Murphy also directed and previously produced ‘Doppelgänger,’ so no wonder we love this video so much!

Now it’s time to grab some of your friends and send them invites for the ultimate Joshua Bassett party!

Do you have a date sorted for your ‘Smoke Slow’ release party? Even if it’s virtual, send us all the deets through our Twitter, which means photos! We can’t wait to see your various takes on these Joshua-inspired ambiance lights.

Joshua’s tour is coming closer and closer, with his first sold-out stop at Axis Lounge in Toronto, ON, on September 9! Follow along on our Instagram and Facebook, and check our Joshua tag for further updates as it unfolds.


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