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How Machine Gun Kelly Shows Love For His Hometown Of Cleveland

How Machine Gun Kelly Shows Love For His Hometown Of Cleveland

Machine Gun Kelly’s mainstream sellout Tour has officially finished its U.S. leg, and he certainly ended it on a high! He sold out FirstEnergy Stadium in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, performing to 50,000 fans in what’s definitely been one of the biggest shows of his career so far. We’re so proud of him and all his accomplishments, but this is still just the beginning of where he can go!

But not only was that show special because of how grand it was – it was also because it saw Kells coming back home at the peak of his career so far. It was a victory lap at the end of an incredible tour and a celebration of how far MGK’s come since the days of filming DIY music videos around Cleveland. So let’s look back at how he’s shown his love for Cleveland over the years!

By Putting On The Best Show Possible

If you’ve kept up with clips from the mainstream sellout Tour, you’ll already know that Colson starts the concert dangling from a pink helicopter over the crowd, has plenty of pyrotechnics, and has a giant statue behind him meant to symbolize the internet and how there are skeptical eyes on him at all times. But he took it to new heights for his hometown show… literally.

Image Source: Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Since FirstEnergy Stadium doesn’t have a roof, they couldn’t do his usual helicopter skit at the beginning of the show. He stayed over the stage while he flew on the ladder, but he wound up ziplining across the stadium later in the night to get closer to the fans! Other standout moments from the concert were a Blink-182 cover with Travis Barker on drums and the show going over Cleveland’s 11 pm concert curfew – which Kells wound up paying a rumored $280,000 for. He wanted to ensure fans had the best time possible and got the full show they deserved!

Another amazing thing about his Cleveland show is that Kells got young local musicians to perform with him! Four members of the city’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra got to join him for a special orchestral version of ‘Glass House’ and ‘lonely,’ his tribute to his late father. We’re jealous of anyone who got to see that in person, but we know we’d be watching through our tears if we were there.

Image Source: Lakewood City Schools on Facebook

With His Tattoos

From his daughter’s name to inked-up souvenirs from tour life, Kells is always using his tattoos as a way to show what’s important to him. And it just so happens that some of his most iconic tattoos are dedicated to Cleveland! The “NORTH 71” road sign on his right arm is for an interstate that goes through Cleveland, and he has “216” inked underneath it in honor of Cleveland’s phone area code.

Image Source: Alex Harper for NYLON

By Donating Money

Kells is always putting his money where his mouth is and giving back to Cleveland communities. In May 2020, during one of the heights of the coronavirus pandemic, he spent a day paying for meals for Cleveland residents from local restaurants, to make sure people had food, while support small businesses that were struggling because of lockdowns. He also offered 40,000 meals to the local food bank to make sure everyone in need could eat!

In the spirit of EST (Everyone Stands Together) it’s important that people come together during this time and help out where they can. We want to support the community and local businesses and also the people of Cleveland. Stay safe and healthy.

Machine Gun Kelly

And a year and a half later, in December 2021, he handed out free turkeys and side dishes so people in Cleveland could enjoy their holidays without worrying about what to put on the table. So sweet of him!

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Image Source: FOX 8

With His Song ‘Till I Die’

MGK’s General Admission album gave us anthems like ‘A Little More’ and ‘Alpha Omega,’ but the most-streamed song to date is still the CLE-inspired banger ‘Till I Die!’ The song sees Kells showing his pride for his hometown and reflecting on his life there before he blew up and became the superstar we know today. It’s become like a battle cry for his fans in the 216 and we love that!

“I’m from The Land, till I die
On the East Side till I die
Bumpin’ that Bone Thugs till I die…”

And just because we’re still processing the zipline incident, which happened while he performed ‘Till I Die’ in Cleveland, we’ll leave this video here so you can be as amazed as we are.

What’s your favorite thing MGK has done to show his appreciation for Cleveland? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Kells content, click here – we’ve got plenty!


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