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LUCY Bring Us Back To Our Childhood With Their First Full-Length Album

LUCY Bring Us Back To Our Childhood With Their First Full-Length Album

Even during eight months without a comeback, LUCY kept us well fed with release after release: singles, OSTS, collabs… And while each song was an absolute masterpiece, part of us was still waiting for a proper LUCY comeback and it’s finally here. And it was definitely worth the wait because LUCY is back with their first ever full-length album, Childhood, and fifteen new tracks! This is everything we could ask for and more. And as always, LUCY did not disappoint in the slightest.

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This new title track is everything we love about LUCY – it’s comforting, hopeful, has impressive vocals and a unique instrumental. ‘Play’ may start slowly, almost fooling you into believing it’s a sad song, but it builds into a truly powerful song. Just like the title of the album indicates, LUCY touch on the theme of growing up and childhood. ‘Play’ is about trying to stay true to themselves and not forget about the happiness they felt as kids. It’s truly a heartwarming song that brings a lot of comfort like so many previous LUCY songs have before.

Childhood – LUCY’s First Full-Lenght Album

LUCY went all out with this album, giving us what we expected and so much more. After years of building a flawless discography, their first full-length album does not fall short to the rest of their discography. This might not only be one of our favorite LUCY releases, but also it might be one of our favorite albums of the year.

The album opens with ‘Knowhow’ which has that indescribable vibe we love from LUCY. It leads us to tracks like ‘MP3,’ ’10sec,’ ‘You & Me,’ ‘Domino’ and ‘Opening’ – cheerful and joyful songs that take on concepts surrounding childhood. These songs truly embody the concept of LUCY’s first album. They are original and have a really special lyricism. The instrumental in ’10sec’ truly shows just how unique LUCY is as a band. ‘Domino’ is quirky and counts with the featuring of D-Hack. And ‘You & Me’ takes the perspective of a kid having his first love. ‘MP3’ also builds a love song around sharing music with someone through an MP3. It’s simple, it’s nostalgic, and it’s amazing.

On the other side of things, ‘Foul,’ ‘My Warm Loneliness,’ and ‘Prequel’ are songs that would fit perfectly in LUCY’s latest EP: BLUE. They’re more emotional songs that build up beautifully. LUCY’s use of their instruments is truly special and never fails to hit every single time. ‘Colorless’ is the most heartbreaking song of the album. The simple piano ballad will just rip your heart out of your chest. Yes, LUCY are great at making music that comforts us but they’re also great at making us cry. ‘Ending’ is also a perfect example of it.

‘Don’t Forget Our Night’ and ‘We Will Fly Away’ are songs that just feel magical. Especially the latest, as the duet with Song Eun Hye makes the song seem taken straight out of a Disney movie. Childhood eventually closes off with the track ‘You Are My Light’ which is a heartwarming and magical song. It is the perfect ending to the perfect album.

Childhood just further proves that LUCY is a one-of-a-kind band. Their music keeps getting better and each time more unique, and we’re here for it. If you don’t know about this band yet, you’re really missing out on something truly special!

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