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Coldplay Will Make You Love ‘Humankind’ With Their New Music Video!

Coldplay Will Make You Love ‘Humankind’ With Their New Music Video!

Coldplay has always delivered meaningful music videos, and their latest one will make you feel full of life! ‘Humankind‘ has become a setlist favorite during the Music of the Spheres World Tour, and the colorful visuals from the video make it even more spectacular. We truly felt like we were witnessing Coldplay live! So, shall we get into our favorite moments from it? 

The Stunning Visuals

The ‘Humankind’ video, directed by Stevie Rae Gibbs and James Marcus Haney, shows footage from Coldplay’s sold-out shows at Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City. The shots describe the exact feeling that you get during a Coldplay concert! The band plays this song surrounded by the colors and the message that ‘Humankind’ wants to yell to the world: “Embrace your feelings, your kindness, and feel the energy in the present!” Such a cool motive

Still from the ‘Humankind’ music video

The Love For Their Fans

Coldplay gets a chance to show how much they love their fans through meaningful messages and easter eggs throughout the video. For example, the band sits on a billboard with the message EVERYONE IS AN ALIEN SOMEWHERE. The band showcases this powerful theme to remind us that we’re all human. We’re all trying to fit in. 

Still from the ‘Humankind’ music video

Coldplay also features their fans directly in the ‘Humankind’ video, giving them credit as THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD. Their appearances range from people having fun and dancing in the crowd to emotional fans that have gotten struck with the reality that they are seeing their favorite band live. These features have truly touched our hearts. This is what live music is all about!

Coldplay is continuing their Music of the Spheres World Tour through Wembley Stadium and Glasgow before heading to South America in September. The band will end their South American leg with ten sold-out shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, there are still some tickets left for some of the shows, so be sure to secure them before they sell out!

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Image Source: Tim Toda (@tim_toda)

What did you think of the ‘Humankind’ music video? Did you get as grateful for live music as we are? Be sure to tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And don’t forget to check our favorite music videos by clicking here.


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