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It’s Time To Take A Look Into The Storage Of ONF

It’s Time To Take A Look Into The Storage Of ONF


We know we aren’t the only ones that are missing ONF right now, so this special album is exactly what we needed. So, Fuse, you better have your tissues ready.

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Now, if you don’t know why this is such a special album for FUSE and ONF, it’s because back in 2021, five of the six members started their mandatory military service, thus making this their first release since then. So ya know, we have a reason to be in tears.

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Storage of ONF

So, Storage of ONF has 10 tracks in total. Half are brand new tracks, while the other five are remastered versions of some of our fave ONF tracks!


  • ‘Your Song’
  • ‘Runaway’
  • ‘Traveler’
  • ‘GUCCI’
  • ‘My Song’
  • ‘ON/OFF’ – Remastered Version
  • ‘If We Dream’ – Remastered Version
  • ‘86400’ – Remastered Version
  • ‘We Must Love’ – Remastered Version
  • ‘Complete’ – Remastered Version

From start to finish, the album seems like a much-needed present from ONF to fans. We have a good mix of tracks that put you on an emotional rollercoaster. You have emotional tracks like the title track ‘Your Song’ and the tracks that make you want to dance like our personal favorite, ‘GUCCI.’ And then you add on the remastered tracks, and we’re an ONF emotional mess. Each new track on YouTube has garnered 13K plus views, so you know it’s good. As we mentioned before, if you’re a fan of the group, or even if you’re not, get those tissues and dancing shoes ready.

“Give Me All Of Your Heart As It Is”

We just gotta talk about ‘Your Song.’ What can we say about the track besides that it is amazing and the best choice for the leading track. It’s all about loving someone unconditionally and wanting to hear them call out to you, so they can know you’ll always be there. Our personal favorite part of the track is the high notes. Especially the one at the very end, by Hyojin, the elongated high note, is just so good. ‘Your Song’ makes us miss ONF even more, especially after seeing member U, react to the MV by himself 😭

We loved the album, and we think you will too! So make sure you are streaming it! If you download it on iTunes, you’ll receive a digital booklet with photos you haven’t seen of the group before!

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We’re so thankful we have a special album from ONF, and we will be streaming it endlessly till they return.

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What did you think of Storage of ONF? Were you in tears like us? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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