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3 Reasons To Anticipate Walker: Independence This Fall

3 Reasons To Anticipate Walker: Independence This Fall


Having one of the shows we watch come out with a spin-off naturally makes us curious to see what it has to offer. Introduced as a prequel to the CW hit series Walker, Walker: Independence has us excited for its premiere this October 6th.

You may or may not have heard about this, but either way, we are here to get you hyped and ready for its release! You ask us how? Simple! We’re just going to share a few pointers we believe are enough to get you hooked and waiting. And if you already are, this will be a good way to remind you why.

Reason 1: The Plot And Time-Period

Walker: Independence will teleport us to the late 1800s, taking us away from the modern plot that we saw in Walker. The show begins with Abby Walker being left for dead after her husband is murdered. Rescued and tended by the Apache tribe, Abby survives. With the help of her Native guide Calian, she is taken to Independence. There, she crosses paths with Hoyt Rawlins, leading to new adventures and entangled relationships between the three characters.

We don’t want to spoil more than this but the trailer pretty much says a lot on its own. It’s packed with action and adventure, there is so much in those three-plus minutes to make a note of. Our opinion? October can’t come fast enough!

Psst, Supernatural fans, did you see that surprise appearance in the clip?

Reason 2: The Cast

If the plot wasn’t exciting enough, let us tell you about the main cast we already witnessed from the trailer. We have Kat McNamara playing the role of Abby Walker. You may know her from one of the lead roles in Shadowhunters or her part in the Arrowverse where she made appearances in some of its shows like Arrow or The Flash.

We are curious and simply can’t wait to see how Kat will bring her new role to life. According to the trailer, Abby is a strong woman who is ready to face any obstacle, and we know it will be incredible to see McNamara portray that!

Image source: GIPHY

Next, we have her co-star Matt Barr, playing Hoyt Rawlins. Now, you may have watched him in Blood & Treasure or Valor, or maybe even remember him from his role in One Tree Hill back in the day. But, if you have seen Walker, you will immediately recognize him for his role as, yes, this is correct, Hoyt Rawlins. Mind-blown, right?

We grow curiouser and curiouser about Matt’s 1800s character. From the looks of it, this is the story of the ancestor who got entangled in the Walker’s business way before his successor does years later. Just how entangled are we talking about, though?

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Reason 3: Justin Johnson Cortez

Our 3rd and final reason, but it may just be our top tier reason that you should check out Walker: Independence, is Justin Johnson Cortez! Recognize Justin? Aside from his guest appearances on 911: Lone Star and Lucifer, he is also noted as an actor, writer, director, and producer in the short film The Fall, a 2020 Skins Fest official selection! Save some talent for the rest of us! Justin has entered the Walker: Independence chat, and deserves a special mention – here’s why!

Aside from having a talent for many things, Justin Johnson Cortez also shows passion for his upcoming role, tenfold. A Native Yaqui and Latino, Justin takes the role of Calian in Walker: Independence, and we are here for it. With a desire to add authenticity to the role and series, the actor is an invigorating addition to the cast!

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“When this opportunity came up, I was a bit nervous because I wanted to make sure that the character was going to be represented in a positive way. I didn’t want to represent the same old image of Native American characters on screen, assimilating into Western culture, so I’m excited to dive in deeper and show the complexities behind this character.”

Justin Johnson Cortez

Knowing the plot, we naturally expect there to be not-so-peaceful scenes, and Justin Johnson Cortez is said to have done the majority of his own stunts. He is known to excel in a vast range of athletic activities, making us even more excited to witness his work! Give us all the stunts!

So, are you excited to go back to the old West and watch the adventures of our new favorite trio in Walker: Independence? Share your thoughts with us on our Twitter, or if you prefer, on our Facebook or Instagram.


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