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It’s day ????? of us trying to turn all of you into pop-punk/rock/alt fans, how are we doing so far? If you’re still unconvinced or need a little nudge, we are, of course, here to provide even MORE music and new artists for you to check out. We got the chance to chat with SAN ROMAN, aka Alexa San Roman, about her new track ‘Messy,’ and we think you all are going to love her as much as we do. Scratch that, we KNOW you will. When have we ever led you astray? We absolutely love her sound and you need to hear it to understand. Check out what she had to say about the song, and more, right this way!

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Hi and welcome to The Honey POP! We’re so glad to have you! Can you introduce yourself to our readers who might not know who you are?
Hi! Yes, my name is Alexa San Roman and my musical project is called SAN ROMAN.

San Roman Messy
Image Source: Sam San Roman

We’re absolutely obsessed with ‘Messy’ and how it sounds like it’s straight out of the 2000s era of pop-punk/rock. What made you decide to take this route with the track?
So when I wrote ‘Messy,’ I was actually showing my cousin Max an example of how to write a song using the computer program Logic Pro. I opened up an electronic drum kit and started playing that beat with my hands… I picked up a guitar next and just messed around until I was playing that riff that starts the song. I was like, “okay wait… this is actually my favorite type of vibe so why not actually make it into a real song.” So I guess I didn’t actually intentionally choose to write in that style, it’s just kind of my natural default setting haha.

Speaking of that era, what do you think about how pop punk/rock seems to be influencing a lot of tracks across genres that we’re hearing today?
I think there’s always waves of repetition in the music that come back around… it seems like we’re experiencing a resurgence of this type of music and I am SO here for it!!

Of course we have to ask, what are your top 5 favorite songs from the early 2000s pop/rock era?
ooo this is a tough one… in no particular order:

  • ‘The Taste of Ink’ – The Used
  • ‘Take Cover’ – Acceptance
  • ‘You’re Not Alone’ – Saosin
  • ‘Don’t Hold Back’ – The Sleeping
  • ‘A Decade Under The Influence’ – Taking Back Sunday

Is ‘Messy’ inspired by more of a general human experience or is there a personal story behind this track?
I think it’s a combination. The lyrics definitely are about a time in my own life where everything around me was sort of falling apart. The metaphorical “mess” was something that was super uncomfortable for my mental health and I kind of used that as a jump off point to approach the lyrics. I think everyone can relate to having a moment where you feel like you’re kind of running in place and nothing is really what you want it to be.

When people think of rock, they tend to think of a band. What’s it like creating music like this as a one-person band versus your previous experience being in bands?
It’s definitely a different experience haha. I grew up in bands and always collaborating with multiple people so this is my first attempt at a true solo album. It’s weird not having someone else to really bounce ideas off of but it’s also kind of surreal to hear an album of FULLY my own creation. I really needed this I think to circle back to all the reasons why I started playing music in the first place and not overthink anything. I was able to pull in a few close friends to help me track some instruments on the album who were there along the way of me writing so that comradery was nice to have surrounding the recording process.

San Roman Messy
Image Source: Sam San Roman

You have directorial experience too which we think is so cool! Did that play into the creation of the ‘Messy’ music video?
Definitely! So it’s obviously impossible to film myself so I enlisted the help of my family and friends to help me create the video for ‘Messy.’ We actually came up with this idea to have “Rock Concert Weekend,” where we all slept over my childhood home and filmed 3 music videos in the house since the album is centered around nostalgia. I really didn’t wanna take anything too seriously so there wasn’t really a true game plan for the video except for “let’s shoot something in my house.” When I was 15 and started playing guitar for the first time, there was this wonderful “no pressure” attitude that I had with music which allowed it to always be fun and light hearted – I was looking to get back in touch with that feeling through this weekend adventure and I know I achieved that.

Speaking of the music video, were there any particular inspirations besides the general 2000s-era music video vibe?
My inspiration was to try to shoot as many videos in my childhood home as possible. This album really centers around me growing up and looking backwards and coming to terms with growing older. I experienced a lot of death and a lot of change all at once recently in my adult life, whereas my childhood was relatively stable and void of any real loss. I feel like creating art within the walls of my own home immortalized in videos is something I will always look back on and be grateful for.

Are there any artists you’d like to collab with?
Absolutely, there are many! Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie would be an honor to collab with.

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What can we expect from you next? Is there anything you want to share that you didn’t get a chance to yet?
There will definitely be a few more singles before my album drops soooo definitely keep an eye out for those…. but I hope that people can connect with ‘Messy’ and enjoy the upbeat high-energy rock vibe but also hear the sarcastic undertones and not take it too seriously. The album has a really great amount of variety when it comes to lyrical content and different stages of grief, growth with a little bit of falling in love along the way.

Was that not amazing? Do you love SAN ROMAN yet? Well you should. You can listen to SAN ROMAN’s ‘Messy’ right here, we highly recommend it. Big shoutout to SAN ROMAN for taking the time to talk with us, we loved getting to learn about her and her music and we can’t wait to see what’s in store from her in the future.

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