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Megan Thee Stallion Is Wrapping Up Hot Girl Summer With Traumazine

Megan Thee Stallion Is Wrapping Up Hot Girl Summer With Traumazine

Hot girl summer isn’t done just yet! Megan Thee Stallion has fed us just before the end of the season with her brand new album, Traumazine. Of course, we have our classic Megan back with incredible bops that we are going to be blasting at all of our end-of-summer parties, but she also showed us a new side to her and her sound. Traumazine is not like other Megan Thee Stallion projects. Megan got super vulnerable and raw on a lot of the tracks featured on this album. This is a side that of Megan that we are super thankful she let us in to see!

We have been blessed with an eighteen-track album from Megan and her incredible features, including Jhene Aiko, Future, Rico Nasty, and so many more. We knew she was going to feed us well with new content as soon as we heard the album announcement!

Image Source: Megan Thee Stallion via Instagram

Thee Tracklist

  1. NDA
  2. Ungrateful‘ featuring Key Glock
  3. Not Nice
  4. Budget‘ featuring Latto
  5. HER
  6. Gift & A Curse
  7. Ms. Nasty
  8. Who Me‘ featuring Pooh Shiesty
  9. Red Wine
  10. Scary‘ featuring Rico Nasty
  11. Anxiety
  12. Flip Flop
  13. Consistency‘ featuring Jhene Aiko
  14. Star‘ featuring Lucky Daye
  15. Pressurelicious‘ featuring Future
  16. Plan B
  17. Southside Royalty Freestyle‘ featuring Sauce Walka, Big Pokey, Lil Keke
  18. Sweetest Pie‘ featuring Dua Lipa

Vulnerability and Healing

Traumazine is an incredible piece of art that seems to have not only been written for the fans, but also for Megan herself. One of the tracks we could really see her vulnerability in was her new song ‘Anxiety.’ The song feels like if Megan had written into her diary, giving us a glimpse into the anxieties Megan often faces. As we fans know, Megan has been through a lot. We are so proud to see her writing songs that are there to help her heal from her traumas and any mental health problems she faces!

During her interview with Apple Music, she opened up about the struggle of losing her mother. Our hearts will forever go out to her and our admiration will continue to grow for Megan Thee Stallion.

I just don’t be talking about how I really feel in my music. I could never really figure out how to talk about how I felt and still make it sound good. Like, how can I get on here on a beat that I like and talk about something that I might be sad about?

Usually when I write songs… I could be sad and I’ll write a song like ‘Body.’ Or I could be pissed off and I’ll write a song like ‘Freak Nasty.’ I don’t write songs about how I feel, I write songs about how I want to feel. So I feel like on this album, it’s probably the first time I figured out how to talk about what I want to say… express myself a little bit more. So that’s just how I’ve been living life. And I feel like it’s been so easy for people to tell my story for me, speak on my behalf because I’m a nonchalant person, I feel like. And people be talking about me and I be like, “okay.” But, like, I see now that it can get out of control so I feel like I wanted to just take control of my narrative, take control of my own story. Tell it my way, tell it from me.

Megan Thee Stallion to Ebro and Nadeska on Apple Music

What’s That Smell? The Sweet Smell of THEE Hot Girl’s Success!

The release of Traumazine is following Meg’s recent 2022 Billboard Music Award win for Top Female Rap Artist, which is a huge deal. Not that we are surprised, though, because we know Megan will go down in history for all of her smash hit singles and iconic catchphrases. Not to mention, this is her second time getting Top Female Rap Artist. She was also recognized at The Webby Awards for her artistry and advocacy efforts, receiving the 2022 Special Achievement Award. What a year… and it’s not even over!

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From her old music to her new music, we love Megan Thee Stallion! She has created an empire with her unique sound, impressive dancing, and, of course, her beautiful soul. What’s your favorite song on Traumazine? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram


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