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Get A Taste Of BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’

Get A Taste Of BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’

Almost two years after the release of BLACKPINK’s THE ALBUM, the girls are finally back with the first taste of their second full album, with the pre-release single ‘Pink Venom.’ We loved both Rosé and Lisa‘s solos last year, but we were missing some OT4 music and it’s finally here. And let us tell you: we’re enjoying every single part of it.

‘Pink Venom’ is everything we love and adore about BLACKPINK: it’s bold, unapologetic, sassy, loud, catchy, and addictive. The sass in the chorus is taken to a brand new level with ‘Pink Venom,’ and the choreography is to die for. With the mixture of traditional Korean music and hip-hop, ‘Pink Venom’ is a bop that won’t leave your head.

As much as we’re absolutely obsessed with that chorus, the big highlight of the song just has to be the rap verses – Jennie and Lisa ate. Jennie opens the song with a rap verse with similar energy to her powerful verses in ‘DDU-DU-DDU-DU,’ and we just instantly knew they didn’t come to play. But most of all, the second verse between Lisa and Jennie is just everything. The four girls were truly in their element with ‘Pink Venom’ and it shows.

BLACKPINK’s music videos are always top-tier when it comes to aesthetics, and this one is no different. Especially Rosé and Jisoo‘s settings – they’re absolutely gorgeous, and combined with their powerful vocals, it gives us literal chills. But what’s even better is how they all come together for the chorus, and especially the last chorus where the song truly climaxes and BLACKPINK gives us a dance break that we’re already obsessed with. ‘Pink Venom’ has it all: good choreography, amazing vocals, and mind-blowing raps. BLACKPINK are coming back with everything they have and we’re here for it!

Pink Venom‘ is the embodiment of everything we love about BLACKPINK with a hint of something new and refreshing. And it makes us even more excited for BORN PINK, which we truly didn’t think was possible. With a tour coming up and a new album being released, we can’t wait to see what BLACKPINK has in store for us! One thing is for sure though, ‘Pink Venom’ truly left us at the edges of our seats and reminded us just how much we love BLACKPINK.

What are your thoughts on ‘Pink Venom’? Was it what you expected? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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