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We’re Hypnotized By Movements’ ‘Cherry Thrill’

We’re Hypnotized By Movements’ ‘Cherry Thrill’

If you’re a Movements fan, today is your lucky day. The Orange County post-hardcore band dropped their new track ‘Cherry Thrill’ and it’s safe to say that we are thoroughly obsessed.

Movements Cherry Thrill
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‘Cherry Thrill’ is not a track you’d expect to hear from Movements. It definitely doesn’t sound like what you’re used to, but hear us out, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, we love the departure from the expected sound! This track blends together an alt/indie rock sound with their well-crafted lyrical genius and shows us a completely different side to Movements.

This is what the band had to say about the song:

‘Cherry Thrill’ is definitely a departure from the ‘typical’ Movements song… As this band has grown and changed, so have our tastes. We wanted to find a way to step out of our usual writing style and explore a new sonic wave, while still maintaining the core of what this band has always been.

Movements via press release

Alright, now that you’ve heard what we have to say, it’s time to listen to the song for yourself!

‘Cherry Thrill’

What do you think of when you hear this song? What does it conjure up? For us, we immediately thought of being on the run with someone, like in every film noir we’ve ever seen, hand in hand. If that’s also what you thought of, seems like we’re not far off. Here’s what singer Pat Miranda had to say about ‘Cherry Thrill’s’ story:

This was the first song that I decided to write that has absolutely nothing to do with an actual experience in my life. It’s fully fictional. The idea is essentially a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde story. The narrator of the song is describing his undying, over-the-top love for their partner. They will do anything for each other, including robbing banks, murder, etc. The phrase ‘Cherry Thrill’ was my way of describing a sort of thirst for blood or a desire for chaos, but also the love and sensuality of the relationship between the characters.

Pat Miranda via press release

So what we’re hearing is…we need a film noir with ‘Cherry Thrill’ as part of the soundtrack? Yes? Yes. 100% yes. Imagine what that film would look like!

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To celebrate ‘Cherry Thrill,’ Movements are bringing you some sweet treats. If you prefer to drink your sugar, they’re teaming up with Jones Soda for a sour ‘Cherry Thrill’ flavor, featuring the single artwork on the label. If you like savoring things in bites, drop by any of the three Donut Friend locations in California for a ‘Cherry Thrill’ donut!

You can catch Movements and hear ‘Cherry Thrill,’ live, we hope, on tour starting next month! For tickets and more info, head right this way. Let us know your thoughts on the song in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter or the rest of our socials!

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