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5 Covers By Phoebe Bridgers That Your Playlist Needs!

5 Covers By Phoebe Bridgers That Your Playlist Needs!

If you are anything like us here at The Honey POP, you are a huge Phoebe Bridgers fan– Since releasing her first EP Killer in 2015, Bridgers has gone on to release two full albums; Stranger In The Alps in September 2017, and Punisher in June of 2020. But that is far from the only thing Phoebe has been up to all of these years. She has won 4 Libera Awards for her work as an independent artist (and has been nominated for tons of others), toured the world, and has released more than a few covers of some of her (and our!) favorite songs. Here are 5 Phoebe Bridgers covers your next playlist needs ASAP!

‘That Funny Feeling’ – Bo Burnham

You didn’t think we could make this list without starting here, did you? When it was released in May 2021, mid-pandemic, Bo Burnham’s musical-comedy special Inside took the internet by storm; many of his songs flooded Tiktok to perfectly encompass the solemn feelings some people experienced throughout lockdown. One of the biggest songs from this special was undeniably ‘That Funny Feeling’– a song detailing the subtle dread surrounding the many problems we all face day to day. The soft, sad tones in the original song sound like they were made for Bridgers in the first place, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of her most popular covers today!

‘Friday I’m In Love’ – The Cure

Originally released in 1992 by British Rock band The Cure, ‘Friday I’m In Love” is notoriously an upbeat, happy song; It’s almost impossible to listen to the song without getting up and dancing! But with Phoebe Bridgers’ indie twist, the song has a totally different feel. Phoebe takes “Friday I’m In Love’ from a happy-go-lucky pop jam, and turns it into an intimate love song– perfect for any indie love song playlist!

‘The Gold’ – Manchester Orchestra

Following the release of her 2017 debut album Stranger In The Alps, Phoebe was having a lot of fun releasing covers like the one above. One of our absolute favorites though, was her cover of Manchester Orchestra’s ‘The Gold’. The original version had been released just a year before Bridgers covered it; this was a change in comparison to many of her other covers which were often songs from the 90s and early 00s. Phoebe Bridgers’ version serves almost as the acoustic version to Manchester Orchestra’s– melting the band’s passionate, weight-in-your-chest sound into something more mellow, but just as heartbreaking.

‘Teenage Dirtbag’ – Wheatus

‘Teenage Dirtbag’ is without a doubt one of the most iconic Rock songs to come out of the year 2000. In fact, tons of artists have covered this song over the years. Though this cover has never been officially released the way some of her other covers have, it is more than worthy of being on this list! Her slowed-down, chill version would make the perfect addition to any chill playlist, while still being the perfect song to sing along to.

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‘Goodbye To Love’ – Carpenters

Phoebe Bridgers’ most recent cover was released just over a month ago (July 2022) as a part of the Minions: The Rise Of Gru soundtrack. To pay homage to the original singer, Karen Carpenter (of musical duo The Carpenters), Bridgers shifts her usual melancholy sound into a more dreamy, airy one. This song does an incredible job of staying true to the original while still having that signature Phoebe Bridgers feeling. Our favorite part is definitely the horn solo in this song. It really connects Phoebe’s vocals to the vibes of the 70s– when the original version was released, and it’s incredibly cool to hear Bridger’s voice in such a different context!

There are definitely more covers worth talking about than the 5 we shared today, so run to add these ones to your playlist, and tell us about any other Phoebe Bridgers covers you think deserve the spotlight in the comments below. Or you can tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! For more exciting updates on pop culture news, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook.


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