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5 Performances Proving That SEVENTEEN Own Their “Stage Breakers” Nickname

5 Performances Proving That SEVENTEEN Own Their “Stage Breakers” Nickname

Stage breakers’ SEVENTEEN totally deserve their nickname. If you want vocals, performances, and uniqueness all in one, SEVENTEEN is the band you’ve been looking for. Since they are currently on tour with their massive Be The Sun World Tour, they’re once again dazzling us with wonderful performances. We would like to be at absolutely every. single. one. of their concerts.

We know that you know that SEVENTEEN is number one in our hearts. There are many reasons to explain how our hearts are fulfilled and comforted every time we watch them on stage. So, we listed some of their most legendary performances. It was hard to hand pick only a few because we’re in adoration with all of them. For real.

The One You Should Watch: 2017 KBS Festival

This stage is a living dream and has such a precious place in our hearts. Everything here proves how hard-working SEVENTEEN are. So, we have ‘Habit,’ ‘Check-In,’ ‘WHO,’ ‘BOOMBOOM,’ and ‘CLAP.’ The orchestral version of ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ is the cherry on top. Special mention to Jun’s dreamy intro with the piano, Mingyu’s little guitar riff, and Woozi‘s drums break. Our dear members showcased that they’re basically all-rounders. They’re not here to play. Watch out.

The Greatest Collab: ‘Heaven’ By SEVENTEEN X NU’EST

We didn’t know we needed that collaboration. SEVENTEEN and NU’EST W took the stage by storm singing ‘Heaven.’ This song was a brand new collab between those two mythical k-pop acts, both from PLEDIS. Of course, it was written by our geniuses Woozi, Vernon, and Dino alongside Baekho from NU’EST. The choreography and the ✨vocals✨ are beyond amazing. Well, when two exceptional acts meet, it gives this amazing stage. It will blow us away forever.

If You Want Comfort And Vocals: ‘All My Love’

SEVENTEEN is not only about performance. They have vocals. ‘All My Love’ is one example from the endless list of evidence we have already collected. That’s right, we do have an obsession with SEVENTEEN’s acoustic versions, especially with live music. They need nothing more than a piece of light background music to let their voices do the job and make us dream. They’re excellent singers. Fact.

The Most Addictive Track: ‘Anyone’

‘Anyone’ is the synonym for perfection. The song, from their amazing mini-album Your Choice, is so upbeat. The moves are sharp, and the synchronization is unbelievable. We have a small weakness for this final focus on Seungcheol. SEVENTEEN are so hardworking and it shows. Each and every stage they show is a pure gem 💎.

Their Burning Last Single: ‘HOT’

Last but not least, the already mythical ‘HOT.’ Impossible not to mention this one. This brand new version is already one of our faves, even if we miss our center Dino so much. The title track of their 4th album, Face The Sun, is all about fire. They ignited our souls while performing this burning anthem. It’s the perfect choice to spend a devilish hot summer 🔥.  

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A Cover That Should Have Received An Award: ‘Short Hair’

Okay, we said five performances, but this is already the sixth video. This one is a high-quality guilty pleasure. We love it so much! SEVENTEEN handle covers like no one. No wonder they now have the world at their feet. No need to say more. S.COUPS, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, Minghao, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino (it was an excuse to name them all, because they are so loved) will convince you better than we can. 

Image Source: Tenor

If you want more SEVENTEEN’s performances, there you are! So, which SEVENTEEN’s performance is your fave? Which one turned you into CARAT? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram! Want all the latest news about SEVENTEEN? Right here!


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