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Revisiting Sam Williams’ Glasshouse Children

Revisiting Sam Williams’ Glasshouse Children

Sam Williams cover art

If you missed Sam Williams’ gorgeously haunting debut album, Glasshouse Children, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through its excellent track list as we prepare for the deluxe edition to release October 14!


‘Ragdoll’ cover art.
Image Source: Sam Williams via Instagram

Sam Williams’ newest single ‘Ragdoll’ is an addition to the original ten songs featured on 2021’s Glasshouse Children. It continues the raw songwriting and vocals from the rest of the album, and expands on the classic country set in the new age sound with its fresh foray into Williams’ musical world.

‘Ragdoll’ represents putting it all on the line for someone in a playful way. It’s a fresh sound for me and I think it’s a fun love song, “Let me be your ragdoll” translates to “I’m yours.”

Sam Williams

Image Source: Valheria Rocha

‘Glasshouse Children’

The titular track opens the album, setting the scene for the nine cinematic tracks to follow. This song represents the soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics that define the rest of the album.

The lyrics immediately dive into Sam’s storytelling with visceral lines and sharp imagery about the ways hurt people can hurt people and the fissures of generational trauma.

Favorite lyric: “The black gate at the bottom of a long driveway / It’s just as hard to get inside as it is to get away.

‘Can’t Fool Your Own Blood’

This song was another deep dive into the ways that traumas and childhood experiences bleed through generations, this time with more specificity.

The song confronts the consequences of lies between family members and lying to yourself.

Favorite lyric: “But now and then I take a wrong turn / And then the lost highway claims me its own / I’ve got a voice in my head tells me it’s fine no matter what it does / And got a broken compass in my pocket / It’s telling me where it is I come from.


’10-4′ is the brightest spot in the album, and it shines. Stemming from a writing session with a Kacey Musgraves collaborator and the influence of the phrase “10-4” being used by Williams’ father, country legend Hank Williams Jr., this song is one that sticks in your head long after listening.

Favorite lyric: “Couldn’t quit jumpin’ in for the thrill of it / Until our wits end, we’re soakin’ wet / We looked at each other and we said, ’10-4.’

‘Hopeless Romanticism’

This underrated, gritty ballad is one that grabs onto your heart and squeezes. Sam’s vocals particularly shine on this track, and the tumbling chorus is simplistic in a way that hollows out your heart with its delivery.

This song encapsulates the vulnerability and introspection present on the album, and Sam’s fearless exploration of grief and growing up and family.

Favorite lyric: “Hopeless romanticism / It’s f***ing narcissism.

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Glasshouse Children is an album of ghosts and heartache, triumph and self-discovery, and we are so excited to see what Sam adds to this stunning project with the deluxe edition.

Williams said, “Tilted Crown tells a little more story and lets the listener in just that much more.”

Stream ‘Ragdoll’ here! Pre-save Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown here!

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