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‘458’ Or 3 Things We Love About CIX’s New Album

‘458’ Or 3 Things We Love About CIX’s New Album

FIX, it has been a year since we could last get together to celebrate and cry over CIX, but it is finally time for a new album from these boys! CIX finally made their return with their fifth mini-album, OK’ Episode 1: OK Not, and it has honestly left us not okay as well, but in a good way!

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Make sure to listen to the album here.

The boys came back after last year’s summery and fun ‘Wave’ with a darker, more r&b-focused title track called ‘458.’ However, this comeback still offers the summer bop we needed from the boys! We love this 5-track album so much that we had to share our love for this project with you. So, let’s dive into the three things we love about OK’ Episode 1: OK Not!

The ‘458’ Music Video

Do we need to say more here? We think the music video speaks for itself and why we love it so much, but we shall elaborate. The boys look absolutely amazing, the racing looks fit them like gloves, and their hair styles? Marvelous! We will probably not get over long-haired Jinyoung for the next year or so, bare with us. The sets of the music video are also fantastic. By the way, are we the only ones wanting to know more about that ending of the music video? Like hello!?


Of course, we have to spread some love to our queen and star of this album. ‘458’ is the perfect title track – it has r&b elements, starts slow, and builds up to a catchy and groovy chorus, and most of all, ‘458’ is full of stunning vocals and melody. Jinyoung, Yonghee, and Seunghun have pipes that are rivaling all other top K-Pop vocalists. As Fixes, we love to hear it. Also, the choreography for this song looks bombastic, so we can’t wait to see live performances of it on music shows!

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The B-Sides

If CIX know how to do one thing, then it is giving you an album full of bops! And that counts for OK’ Episode 1: OK Not. There isn’t a skip to be detected on this EP, and if we had to pick a favorite, we couldn’t do it as it changes every five minutes. We will settle on the beautiful ‘Drown In Luv’ for now as it is arena-worthy (we need to hear this one live!!), but if you ask us tomorrow it might be ‘Without You.’ Can you blame us though? CIX never miss!

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We could go on and on about how much we love this comeback and OK’ Episode 1: OK Not, but we should stop here now and go back to streaming. What’s your favorite song from this new EP? What do you think about ‘458?’ Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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