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5 Songs To Listen To While Reading Bad At Love By Gabriela Martins

5 Songs To Listen To While Reading Bad At Love By Gabriela Martins

Here at The Honey POP we love music and we love books, so we were super excited to read Bad at Love by Gabriela Martins! Now we couldn’t review a book about music artists without giving you some musical inspiration to enhance your reading experience. Today we’re recommending five songs to add to your reading playlist that are perfect for listening to while reading Bad at Love!

The cover of Bad at Love by Gabriela Martins.
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Summary: Ever since Daniel moved to L.A. from Brazil to join the band Mischief & Mayhem, he’s become the tabloids’ bad boy. Paparazzi follow him and girls swoon over him . . . except for Sasha, who hates bad boys. When a chance encounter brings them together, Sasha sees an opportunity to get close to Daniel and write a story that will make a name for herself at the celebrity gossip magazine where she interns. But Daniel is surprisingly sweet and extremely cute—could she be falling for him?

The truth is: Daniel is hiding something. When Sasha discovers his secret, will she follow her heart or deliver the hottest story of the summer?

Content Warnings: microaggressions, heart attack (mentioned)

Halsey – ‘Bad At Love’

The first song we’re recommending today is ‘Bad At Love’ by Halsey. When we heard of this book we immediately thought of this song. Not only do they share the same name, but both the book and the song are about love and the problems that come with it. In the song, Halsey sings about rocky relationships, and Sasha and Daniel have plenty to work through when they find out each other’s secrets. They’re also both afraid of losing each other like in the lyrics: “I know that you’re afraid I’m gonna walk away”.

Listen to ‘Bad at Love’ here!

Paramore – ‘Ain’t It Fun’

We love learning what music our main characters are listening to, it helps us get to know them better and in a more personal way. Plus, who doesn’t love getting music recommendations? While Sasha is on her way to work, she’s trying to make a difficult decision about her internship, and on the way she’s listening to ‘Ain’t It Fun’ by Paramore. We get a glimpse into her life when she tells us she relates to the lyrics and how she has never felt like the “big fish in the pond.” We really related to her dedication and determination in following her dream of becoming a music journalist (just like so many of our writers at The Honey POP!)

Listen to ‘Ain’t It Fun’ here!


A big theme in this book is the idea of the “bad boy.” In the media, Daniel is labelled as a “bad boy” who is careless and a player, but in reality he’s actually really sweet. (We mean, a boy that crochets when he’s nervous? Adorable!) So for our third song, we’re recommending ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ by TOMORROW X TOGETHER. It talks all about the persona and reckless attitude Daniel’s accused of having. While reading Gabriela martins’ Bad at Love, we enjoyed the themes of learning not to judge others just from what we see on the surface. Both Sasha and Daniel are prime examples of that!

Listen to ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ here!

Xdinary Heroes – ‘Strawberry Cake’

Daniel’s rock band Mischief & Mayhem inspired us to include a song that made us want to rock out. With its compelling lyrics and melody, ‘Strawberry Cake’ by Xdinary Heroes is a perfect fit. If you saw us yelling along to the song in our car, no you didn’t. We could totally picture the band members of Mischief & Mayhem jamming along to this song during practice. Plus we’re sure they’d love to support another up-and-coming band.

Listen to ‘Strawberry Cake’ here!

Frankie Valli – ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’

Something we enjoyed learning about Daniel is that he’s a big fan of romantic comedies. We were even more surprised to learn that he’s got a hilarious memory associated with ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,’ which was featured in 10 Things I Hate About You, a rom-com classic. We loved getting to know him more through this song and we knew we had to include it in our reading playlist.

Listen to ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ here!

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Bad at Love by Gabriela Martins is out August 30th and is available for pre-order here!

That’s all for our song recommendations for your Bad at Love reading playlist! What song has been stuck in your head lately? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram!

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