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6 Of Our Favorite NMIXX Moments From KCON LA 2022

6 Of Our Favorite NMIXX Moments From KCON LA 2022

Another iconic KCON event in Los Angeles has blessed us with so much amazing content from our faves! It was so fun getting to see the performances, Q&A sessions, and pictures from the event, especially considering it was the first KCON LA since before the pandemic. It was also the first KCON LA that NMIXX was on the lineup for! JYP’s newest girl group is already stealing our hearts with their vocals, dance skills, and their charming personalities.

So let’s see what our favorite chaos babies got up to at this year’s KCON!

Image Source: @hiliqht on Tumblr

Taking The Cutest Selfies

If you don’t get a selca, did it really happen? NMIXX made sure to get some adorable group shots to commemorate KCON and give some content to NSWERS who couldn’t make it! We’re obsessed with the pink outfits they wore throughout the day and the different poses they each did. “Let’s all do peace signs and not tell Haewon…”

Performing Some Of Our Faves

We hope the KCON crowd had some “popcorn and Zero Coke,” because you already know the girls put on a show-stopping performance of ‘O.O!’ They also gave us a mind-blowing intro with amazing choreo, as well as their energetic b-side ‘Tank.’ NMIXX looked so happy to be back onstage, and we were just as happy watching through our screens at home!

Doing Amazing Covers

Not only did NMIXX perform their own songs, but they also did a group cover of SEVENTEEN’s ‘Aju Nice!’ Kyujin and Sullyoon also joined Heejin and Hyunjin of LOONA for a special cover of Mamamoo’s ‘Decalcomanie,’ and we’re still not over it. What an iconic team-up for an iconic song.

Their Dance All Day Segment

Speaking of covers, we couldn’t do this recap without mentioning the Dance All Day performance they did for NSWERs a few hours before their stage performance. Each of the girls did a mini dance cover of some of our favorite K-Pop songs, and the results were legendary! Some highlights include Bae doing NCT 127’s ‘Kick It,’ Haewon doing GOT The Beat’s ‘Step Back,’ Jinni doing aespa’s ‘Illusion,’ Jiwoo doing Jeon Somi’s ‘Dumb Dumb,’ Kyujin doing Stray Kids’ ‘MANIAC,’ and Sullyoon doing IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’ (especially on the eve of ‘After LIKE’).

It was nearly impossible to narrow it down to just one video to include here, but our hearts really belong to Lily’s cover of LISA’s ‘LALISA!’ Since debut, Lily has given us some really strong LISA vibes, so we loved seeing our worlds collide here.

Doing A Meet & Greet For NSWERs

Of course, the girls had to hang out with NSWERs while they were at KCON! They did a fun Q&A panel to talk to fans and get them hyped for their big performance later in the evening. It must’ve made them so happy to see how many fans came out to see them! The staff put up glass panels so fans could come onstage to talk to the girls for a few minutes.

Image Source: KCONUSA on Twitter

Teasing Their Comeback

If you weren’t at KCON, you were probably just as hyped as the NSWERs who were there, because we finally got an announcement for their first comeback with ‘ENTWURF!’ We won’t get to hear the song until September, but Lily teased it, saying “We might have something cooking… I really hope that our fans can really enjoy it, because we worked hard on it.” We already know we’ll enjoy it, we’re counting down the days until we can add it to all our playlists!

What was your favorite thing NMIXX did at KCON LA? Did you get to attend and see them in person? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more NMIXX content, because we all need it while we wait for ‘ENTWURF,’ click here


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