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Taylor Swift’s Lover Album Deserved A Full Era: Our In-Another-Life Wishlist

Taylor Swift’s Lover Album Deserved A Full Era: Our In-Another-Life Wishlist

Flashback to April 2019, when one of the most exciting times of our lives came about thanks to none other than Taylor Swift. That’s when she released the triumphant ‘ME!’ and started teasing her seventh studio album, Lover, which came out that summer! There were cats, sparkles, butterflies, pastel colors, and a whole bunch of fan theories that may or may not have been completely inaccurate.

Image Source: Taylor Swift on Instagram

But then 2020 came around… sigh. That catastrophe of a year gave us both folklore and evermore, so we can’t be completely bitter – but because of the pandemic, Taylor had to cancel her planned Lover concerts and pretty much cut the era short after performing ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ on Global Citizen’s One World: Together At Home special.

We’d do pretty much anything to go back to those cheerful days of looking for Easter eggs in the ‘You Need To Calm Down’ music video and meeting Benjamin Button, Tay‘s third cat, for the first time. So let’s imagine what it’d be like to get a proper era for the Lover album!

Image Source: @endiness on Tumblr

A ‘Cruel Summer’ Music Video

A kinda obvious first choice, but we think we speak for all Swifties when we say ‘Cruel Summer’ deserved the single treatment. Between the garden imagery and the vending machine reference, we could imagine it flickering between city scenes and shots where Taylor is surrounded by flowers. Tay, it’s never too late to drop a video for this masterpiece!

Image Source: @rebecca-quin on Tumblr

The Lover Fest Shows

The performances we got during the Lover era were simply adorable. Can you blame us for wishing we got more? Taylor looked so happy whenever she took the stage, and it haunts us that we never found out who would’ve been playing at Lover Fest with her. “Taylor Swift and Friends” still pops up in our nightmares – who were they?!

In our theoretical dreamland, where Taylor picks up the Lover era again once the pandemic dies down, she’d bring out stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lorde for the ultimate party.

Image Source: @tayloralison on Tumblr


Lover got a GRAMMY nod for Best Pop Vocal album, ‘Lover’ for Song of the Year, and ‘You Need To Calm Down’ for Best Pop Solo Performance, but Tay didn’t win any of those categories. In our colorful fairytale world where Lover gets everything it deserves, it definitely would’ve won at least one GRAMMY. Its successor, folklore, won Album of the Year in 2021, so we know she has a shot on the GRAMMYs circuit!

Image Source: @felicitysmoak on Tumblr

More Adorable Pastel Looks

We love Taylor’s cozy style she’s been rocking for the folklore era and beyond, but we have to admit we miss the colorful, girly looks we got during the Lover era! From the beaded marching band outfit in the ‘ME!’ music video to the ruffly Billboard Music Awards dress below, she was serving left and right. Her style complemented the album’s aesthetic so well!

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Attention From Taylor

We have a bit of a bone to pick with Miss Swift here… we wish she gave herself more credit for the Lover album! Lover is essentially a flip-flop of her Red album with a (mostly) more positive tone, and we all know how much Taylor and our fellow Swifties love Red. We really believe the Lover album has some of Taylor’s best work to date, and we hope she thinks it’s as incredible as we do.

Image Source: @tayloralison on Tumblr

In this hive, we stan Lover! What were your favorite moments of the Lover era we did get? What would be your wishlist for a complete Lover era? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – we’d love to hear from you! And for more Taylor Swift content, click here.


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