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The Boyz Return With A ‘Whisper’

The Boyz Return With A ‘Whisper’

The Boyz Whisper

Yes, omg, The Boyz are finally back! We’ve all been waiting for this because you all know that we at THP are Deobis too! We’re starting to believe The Boyz are the kings of summer comebacks because ‘Thrill Ride,’ ‘D.D.D,’ and now ‘Whisper’ are all hits! After a successful world tour and Seoul encore, they are back and ready to show us their growth since ‘Maverick.’ As many of you may know, though, our lovely maknae, Eric, is not present for this comeback, but we are wishing him a speedy recovery. We hope to see you back soon, Eric!

Now let’s quiet down so we can hear just what The Boyz are ‘Whispering.’

The Boyz Whisper
Image Source: Tenor

The Deobi Whisperers

In a typical The Boyz fashion, their title track for this mini-album is a fun, bouncy love song. The vibes are 100% them, without a doubt, and we could not be more excited about this song! Let’s jump right in!

‘Whisper’ On Video

We have so much to say about this music video. It is brilliant and beautiful. The visuals are so stunning, we couldn’t peel our eyes away from the screen! There was so much pink, but we love pink in this house. And that was just the VFX! Speaking of VFX, check out who was responsible for supervising them!

Plus the little doodles throughout the music video? Absolutely adorable! The members, of course, all looked gorgeous as well, but honestly, when do they not? We also have to mention the choreography because it’s so cool and looks like so much fun! Mihawk, who typically works with The Boyz for choreography, has been busy with Street Man Fighter. This time around, Park Seongryeong is who we can thank for this bouncy and dynamic choreography. Also, can we just say that the set with the Roman pillars and chains was dangerous. We were clutching our pearls over Sunwoo and Kevin. Lastly, we have to acknowledge that ending…what a switch up in vibes. If you all remember, their teasers, labeled ‘Wings of Desire’ sort of displayed a light-to-darkness, fallen-angel theme. Many Deobis, ourselves included, didn’t know exactly what to make of the teasers, but…could this be what the teasers are referencing? This is not the first time TBZ have put out something cinematic (see: ‘Maverick’), so we’re wondering what their next project entails…and if it has anything to do with the ending of ‘Whisper’ or the ‘Wings of Desire’ trailers.

What The ‘Whisper’ Sounds Like

As a song, this is a bubbly addition to the group’s arsenal of summery bops. There’s so much to make a note of so just bear with us. First, we love that Q and Juyeon (our main dancers) got to shine in ‘Whisper;’ Q got to show off his rap skills and led a chorus, and Juyeon got to show off his lovely vocals in some of the verses and led a chorus as well. Main dancers got vocal chops too, y’know!

But of course, everyone sounded spectacular. We can tell that The Boyz had fun in the studio with this track! Sunwoo’s whisper rap is something to note, creatively incorporating the title of the song into the delivery of his verse. We also loved Haknyeon doing some rapping too, just proving that he’s truly an ace (because we all know he can sing and dance too)! And of course, we enjoyed Younghoon’s bright vocals throughout the song; he was fantastic and we couldn’t stop smiling during his parts! The vocal line absolutely demolished the harmonized high note for the final chorus…we literally sat there speechless when we heard it. They’re just too good. It is safe to say that ‘Whisper’ will be on repeat until the next TBZ comeback!

The B-Sides

Come on… you had to laugh at that…anyway! Now we’ll get into the b-sides of Be Aware! Are you all familiar with that saying? What was it? “The Boyz never miss,” we think it was. Yes, well, that’s absolutely true and this album is proof. Check this out.

2. ‘Bump & Love’

Starting with number 2 because ‘Whisper’ was the first track, we have ‘Bump & Love!’ The Boyz shift into a bit of an R&B vibe with this track, which we’re absolutely loving. The song seems to be about a crush, and perhaps wanting to rush right into a relationship with the crush. The feelings are too strong for The Boyz to handle! We just want to make note of Jacob’s honey vocals because we know he can sing but woah. He just sounded absolutely phenomenal here, give him his flowers! Sunwoo executed a wonderful melodic rap and Sangyeon absolutely nailed that high note. Sheesh! Pulling out all the stops for a crush!

3. ‘C.O.D.E’

The third track is ‘C.O.D.E,’ a lively and bright song with heartfelt lyrics. Quite a few things stood out to us with this track. First and foremost, we have to mention Q and Juyeon opening the track; getting to hear more of their lovely vocals just made us remarkably happy. Next, we loved the duets in the chorus, mostly with Hyunjae as the lead! The combination of his vocals with New’s and Jacob’s was seamless! Lyrically, we want to point out “One plus one equals one.” Now we know 1+1=2, so we’re wondering what TBZ meant by “One plus one equals one.” Maybe it’s TBZ + Deobis equals one whole? If so, that would be so sweet 🥹! We can’t wait to see this live one day!

4. ‘Levitating’

We were not prepared for ‘Levitating.’ This song is probably going on our list of our favorite The Boyz songs because wow. We absolutely love the usage of the piano for this song; it feels kind of sassy and bold while The Boyz’s vocals and rap give off a more seductive and edgy vibe. Speaking of rapping, we have to highlight Jacob’s rap part in this song. We’ve heard him rap before in ‘The Stealer’ and in ‘Kiss Me If You Can’ (from their Japanese album, Breaking Dawn), but Rapper Cob is back and showing off his rapping skills yet again! We have a feeling that like ‘Hypnotized,’ from the single album for ‘Maverick,’ this is going to get a hot choreography. And of course, we have to point out the high notes because they were perfect!

5. ‘Survive The Night’

’Survive The Night’ marks the first The Boyz song that Sunwoo has written all of the lyrics for. It’s well known amongst Deobis that Sunwoo often participates in songs by writing his own rap verses, however, now, he has written an entire song for his group. The lyrics are beautiful, of course as the main rapper has quite the way with words. The vocals are heavenly as well, and the song as a whole is definitely emotional. Here’s what a Deobi says about the track:

Maybe we held back some tears while listening to this song…or maybe our eyes were just sweating profusely. We also wanted to say that we don’t think TBZ have done a song quite like this before (in this genre). The guitar is the stand-out instrument, and a trap beat is introduced in the chorus sections, which was pretty neat. Needless to say, it’s a touching song, and all of The Boyz sounded remarkable.

6. ‘Timeless’

Our love for The Boyz is ‘Timeless!’ This pre-release single was such a heartwarming way to start off the new era that their comeback brought. ‘Timeless’ is an ode to Deobis. Last year, for their anniversary, TBZ finally got to have an offline concert, which kicked off their world tour this year. It was the first time since the pandemic began that TBZ have been able to see Deobis live, so they wrote ‘Timeless’ to commemorate the special moment. You can tell that The Boyz put their hearts and souls into this song. Literally, everyone got a chance to shine here! We also love a good key change 😌. And despite the sentimental feeling of the song, it’s still light (but again, maybe we cried while listening to this too). Fun fact: some Deobis even say it reminds them a bit of an older track of theirs, ‘Keeper.’ The Boyz and Deobis will protect each other forever!

Be Aware Of The Boyz

We have to give this album all five stars. The Boyz did a splendid job and showed us once again why they are top-notch performers and artists. We hope that they’re proud of themselves, especially since so many members participated in writing the lyrics for each song in the album. And we most certainly hope Sunwoo is proud of himself for writing all the lyrics for ‘Survive The Night.’ We’re looking forward to seeing more of The Boyz’s member names in the credits of their songs. Well done, Boyz!

But, don’t take your eyes off of them! The Boyz are a force to be reckoned with, and with all the success they’ve had in the past year, they are at full speed ahead with a momentum that is hard to slow down. The streets are saying they’re preparing for something soon, so be ready!

Okay, Deobis! Thank you for tuning in! Now we would love to hear your thoughts on ‘Whisper’ and all of the songs on Be Aware! Which songs do you have on repeat? What did you think of the music video? What about that ending 👀? Do any of you have theories about their trailers? We’d love to know it all! Sound off in the comments or on our Twitter, @TheHoneyPopInstagram, and/or Facebook. We’ll be listening closely for your ‘Whispers’ 👂.

Image Source: Tenor

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  • I cant help but absolutely agree with everything written!! The Boyz never fail to have an amazing comeback! Love them so much 😭💕

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