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Our Favorite Things We Learned About Chloe X Halle From Their Issue of Essence Magazine

Our Favorite Things We Learned About Chloe X Halle From Their Issue of Essence Magazine

Chloe and Halle Bailey first got their start in the music industry when they began posting YouTube covers in the early 2010s, covering artists such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. The pair went viral with their cover of ‘Pretty Hurts’ in 2013, catching the attention of Beyonce herself and eventually getting signed to her record label in 2015. We’d like to send a personal thank you to Beyonce for doing this, as we seriously don’t know what we would do without the iconic musical duo that is Chloe X Halle.

The sisters have now, however, taken to the cover of Essence magazine, with the issue set to be released on September 6th. Essence is entirely Black-owned and is dedicated to Black women and communities, with past cover stars including Lizzo, Zendaya, Idris Elba, and even Michelle Obama. Aside from looking drop-dead gorgeous on the cover, the pair also gave an interview to the magazine, giving its readers an insight into their music careers and into their personal lives. So, we’re here to discuss some of our favorite things that we learned about Chloe and Halle from their Essence cover story.

Image Source: Eric Johnson for Essence

How Chloe Built Up Confidence

In the interview, Chloe described how people perceive her to be extremely confident, however, she feels as though this hasn’t always been the case. In order to feel more confident, Chloe puts a lot of herself into her music and says that she feels most like herself when onstage. While this makes her feel most herself, her onstage persona also sometimes intimidates her, saying “I’m like, Who the hell is that?” She also mentioned how her own personal fashion sense is important to her identity and portraying who she is to the world, perhaps also lending itself to her confidence.

Halle’s Relationship

Halle has been in a relationship with YouTuber and rapper DDG since late 2021, but the two only went public in March 2022. Since then, the two have quickly become one of our favorite celebrity couples and have posted about or with each other multiple times on social media! In the magazine, Halle described how she was a big fan of DDG long before they got together, recalling how she saw his YouTube videos and felt inspired by him. And just when we thought they couldn’t get any cuter, Halle even stated that she is in love “for sure.” We’re not crying, we swear.

Image Source: Eric Johnson for Essence

Details About Chloe’s Upcoming Album

Chloe made her solo debut last year with her single ‘Have Mercy,’ going viral on TikTok and earning her a gold certification. While ‘Have Mercy’ is the lead single from her upcoming solo album, Chloe has also recently released the singles ‘Surprise’ and ‘Treat Me,’ both of which will also feature on the album. When discussing this highly anticipated new release, Chloe shared:

It’s everything that I’ve been going through, all the tearing down, people underestimating, telling me I can’t do it—all of those things have gone into the music. The album is me picking myself up and talking myself out of any little place or space that the world has tried to put me in, that people and personal relationships have tried to put me in, and even [doing that to] myself. It’s me breaking free.

Chloe Bailey

With the singles she has already released, we already know that this album is going to be an absolute hit! And while we don’t know how much longer we can survive without it, we just know it will have been worth the wait.

Halle Describes Her Personality

In the interview, Halle discussed how she is a fierce protector of her friends and family, explaining, “If I love you and somebody crosses you, it’s over.” She says this comes from her fire sign placement as an Aries. This is unsurprising since people with an Aries placement are well known to be self-assertive, brave, and passionate. To be honest, it sounds like we all need a friend like Halle Bailey! She also, however, discussed her journey to finding her individuality and how religion has been important to her in that journey:

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I’ve managed to find individuality through God—through talking to God every day by prayer, by meditation, and through music. I think finding myself is going to be an everlasting journey. And while I feel like I know myself at 22, I’m constantly getting to know more about who I am.

Halle Bailey

Like Chloe, Halle is also set to release some exciting projects in the next year – she’s starring in both The Color Purple and The Little Mermaid which are both set to release in 2023. We can’t wait to see actress Halle back on our screens!

Image Source: Eric Johnson for Essence

What do you think of Chloe and Halle’s Essence cover? What were your favorite things you learned about the sisters? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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