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These Female TV Characters Would Join Dove Cameron As She Eats Boys For ‘Breakfast’

These Female TV Characters Would Join Dove Cameron As She Eats Boys For ‘Breakfast’

Early last year, post-Avengers: Endgame, Elizabeth Olsen momentarily traded in the Scarlet Witch’s red cape and headpiece combo for pinned curls in WandaVision. The nine-installment episodic saw Wanda Maximoff block out grief by creating a black-and-white world held together by strings of magic. It was there where she could live out her dream of being a parent to two sons, Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd, all while Vision was still alive.

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At first glance, it may seem odd to link a Marvel television show with a Dove Cameron music video—one called ‘Breakfast,’ which joins the list of B letter track titles, with another being ‘Boyfriend.’ Still, it interestingly toys with the same idea. 

Unable to stomach the political climate of America, Dove yeets herself into an alternate reality. In this upside-down world, she sits at the head of the table, unfolding the morning newspaper as her submissive boyfriend cooks her breakfast. It’s not some power-play fantasy, though. Rather quickly turning into a nightmarish take for those boys who have traded gender roles with the female population. Like Wanda, it all reaches a climax when Dove’s old reality starts to creep into this new one, leaving her heartbroken on the couch. 

With this video, I want to show the disturbing contrast between stylized femininity and masculine power and the gender stereotypes that plague our social commentary. I want the audience to notice how strange it is to watch the roles be reversed and it was important to highlight how ingrained these roles really are in our nervous systems. This is a video to remind us that ‘how it’s always been’ should never be a reason for desensitization or upholding broken systems. Hopefully by re-contextualizing these familiar scenes, this video will encourage people to vote for a world where we leave gender discrimination as a thing of the past and stop bringing the past into the present.

Dove Cameron

The Hanging Boys On Necklaces Girlies

With Dove Cameron’s ‘Breakfast’ making the rounds among fans who enjoy taking a Billboard charting tune and turning it into a female empowerment montage featuring their favorite fictional characters, we started thinking of a couple of questions. Who would be joining Dove in this alternate reality? What exactly would their signature morning dish be?

We also couldn’t help zeroing in on all the traits Dove exhibits in the music video and paralleling them with some iconic moments in television. So when you inevitably download a video editing app from the iTunes store (we recommend CapCut), you don’t have to go down a binge-worthy rabbit hole. Although you could very well thank us if you do because who doesn’t want to watch what these ladies do best: kick some butt?

Robin Scherbatsky – Canadian Flapjacks With Hot Maple Syrup

Dove traded in her collection of corsets for tailored fitted suits, including a baby blue ensemble that snugs into suspenders. It’s an easy way to showcase her masculine makeover, especially when contrasted against the retro flashback to the 50s that saw women in more “preppy” styles.

Although out of every love interest’s suit collection on television Robin Scherbatsky’s ex-husband is the one you’d have most fun stealing from—remember Barney Stinson’s rubber ducky skinny tie?—she’s also suited up. One in a playful exchange with the playbook owner and then another in a musical number that saw How I Met Your Mother’s core cast strut down New York’s streets in suits. Robin’s dad also wanted her to be born a boy, which played into her character development. Although she came into her own outside her dad’s perspective, much of her wardrobe could be considered tomboy chic.

Katherine Pierce – French Toast With Strawberries in Sparkling Ruby Syrup

We wonder who would win most likely to be alternate Dove’s accomplice in the office betting pool after some of the skeevy things she gets up to. Perhaps the intense gazer who gives the assistant a once-over upon passing a coffee mug or the one with braids who lets their hand linger far too long. Those, of course, don’t compare to Dove sweetening the assistant up with cocktails hoping for a make-out sesh as her boyfriend organizes a candlelight dinner at their home. 

Our slinky, vampiric villain Katherine Pierce has held the gaze of many Mystic Falls residents throughout The Vampire Diaries’ eight-season run, including Damon and Stefan Salvatore. She even permitted her sweeter doppelganger, Elena Gilbert, to love them both as she did. That leaves a discussion open to the meaning of love, though, as she’s sure to double cross them twice in the name of survival before they can even catch her. 

Olivia Pope – Chocolate, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt Toasts

It doesn’t matter what reality Dove plants herself in; in either one, she’s considered a boss. Regarding switching gender stereotypes, alternate Dove slips into the role of the company’s CEO, typically a role given to a man. This not only sees her easily get away with things that would have an average employee fired but, to quote Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP,’ “I don’t cook, I don’t clean”—her stay-at-home boyfriend does both. 

If you’re a character in Shonda Rhime’s universe, chances are you’ve made your way to the top of the totem pole. Unless we’re talking about Bridgerton, where regal balls are the eighteen-hundreds tinder, so you get to waltz to iconic violin takes on pop tunes while looking for a Duke benefactor. Olivia Pope is a former lawyer and White House aide, though. She’ll help get you out of any sticky situation. 

Brooke Davis – Summer Skillet Vegetable & Egg Scramble

We’ve all had those times when we have to wake up to the reality of a situation, even if we’d prefer to stay in our own world. Toward the end of the music video, Dove can no longer do this. Between an assortment of advertisements, there are staticky shots of people protesting in the streets. Her real self even wakes up by knocking against the television’s glass in despair. 

So maybe out of the number of times we’ve seen Tree Hill’s favorite cheer captain vulnerable, it has been at his hands, but Lucas Scott once wrote this about his former girlfriend: She was fiercely independent, Brooke Davis. Brilliant and beautiful and brave.” It took strength for Dove to no longer block out her feelings, just as Brooke does on a daily. By fighting for what we believe in, aren’t we doing the same thing? 

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Join Us for ‘Breakfast’

We’re no less likely to decline a breakfast invitation from Dove Cameron than with some of our favorite fictional ladies also being involved—already having an idea of who we would sit across.

But as they’ve already picked something off the breakfast menu, we should too. Ruby Perman is a content creator who takes plates and whatever edible ingredients she can find to create an artistic masterpiece that resembles a celebrity, from Billie Eilish’s fruitloop dress to Margot Robbie trading Calvin Klein for avocado. Ruby crafted the perfect cinnamon toast crush dress for Dove with the sultry sound overlaying. If you don’t think we’re now pressing play on the audio whenever we slow-mo-pour milk into a bowl, then you’re surely mistaken.


Replying to @caringforweorms what do u eat for breakfast?

♬ Breakfast – Dove Cameron

Sometimes we like to start off our mornings by putting a little love out into the world. Supermajority, National Network of Abortion Funds, Emily’s List, and Headcount are a bunch of charities Dove supports as they flashed across the final frame of the ‘Breakfast’ music video!

Have you already incorporated Dove Cameron’s ‘Breakfast’ into your early-rising routine? Think it’s as great of an energizer to kick yourself out of bed after a sounding alarm as we do? Let us know by interacting with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! As well as clicking here, Dovelies, for more content on our Queen!


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