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8 Songs We Hope to See Nicki Minaj Perform At The 2022 MTV VMAs

8 Songs We Hope to See Nicki Minaj Perform At The 2022 MTV VMAs

The Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, is receiving her rightful flowers as 2022’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard recipient at the MTV VMAs!

The award coincides perfectly with her historic new single ‘Super Freaky Girl’ debuting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The debut is the first for a solo female rapper since 1998!

Image Source: Marcelo Cantu

‘Super Freaky Girl’ has also racked up the biggest sales week for any track this year and the biggest consumption debut for a lead female artist this year. And, (takes a deep breath), the song also makes Nicki the first female lead artist to debut at #1 in 2022, the first female rapper with multiple #1 debuts, and the first female rapper to reach #1 without a video in over two years. Not to mention, the song became a massive hit on TikTok and went to #1 on Top US Tracks.

Clearly, the Video Vanguard Award, which is given to artists with profound impact on pop culture and the art of music videos, is deserved. Nicki Minaj also holds the record for female artist with the most Top 10 entries on the Hot 100 of all time, now at 21.

Image Source: Nicki Minaj via Instagram / Marcelo Cantu

Obviously, there is a lot to work with for her expected career-spanning medley moment at this year’s VMAs ceremony. The MJ award has previously been given to artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Missy Elliott, and Janet Jackson, and typically sees the recipient perform a medley of their most iconic hits.

Here are some songs we hope to see Nicki bring back for her performance!

‘Moment 4 Life’

We’re throwing this one out here just to manifest the appearance of special guests (ahem, Drake). We’re pretty sure that not only Barbz, but anyone who grew up in the 2010s still knows every word to this song to this day!


Maybe wishful thinking since this isn’t technically Nicki’s song, but she definitely made it her song with her iconic verse! As soon as you hear “pull up in the monster…” it’s over. The entire planet can probably rap this verse collectively.

‘Super Bass’


Just duh.

(Also fitting, since this video earned her very first VMA in 2011.)

‘Beez In The Trap’

Maybe the obvious choice from the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded era would be ‘Starships,’ but ‘Beez In The Trap’ remains a bop and we’d love to hear it make a comeback on the VMAs stage.

‘Bang Bang’

Another song that may be a stretch––but we’d love to see Nicki bring out Jessie J and/or Ariana Grande for a girl power moment!


There’s no word for describing this reboot of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic ‘Baby Got Back’ other than iconic. This is a must, especially since the music video was renowned for its visuals and choreography, setting a 24-hour Vevo record and going certified viral.

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‘Barbie Tingz’

This one showed Barbz and the world that Nicki was still on top, and its addictive verses make it the ultimate hype song. From the lilting intro of “I’m a bad b*tch…” you just know Nicki’s about to go off. If this track makes it onto the medley set list, it would most definitely keep the energy up!

‘Super Freaky Girl’

Of course, it’s highly likely that Nicki’s newest record-breaking single, featuring a sample of 1981 Rick James hit ‘Super Freak,’ will make the cut for the medley performance, and we cannot wait to hear it live for the first time! This one is guaranteed to have the whole arena dancing.

Nicki is also nominated for Best Hip Hop Video for ‘Do We Have A Problem?’ featuring Lil Baby. She has won five silver Moon People since her debut and will now be adding the special gold-plated Vanguard trophy to her collection.

All of this is leading the way for her upcoming fifth studio album, and we cannot wait to see what else Nicki Minaj can do as a music legend! Stream ‘Super Freaky Girl’ here!

What are you hoping to see Nicki perform on the VMAs this year? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop, or find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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