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DKB Finally Releases Their Highly-Anticipated 5th Mini Album Autumn

DKB Finally Releases Their Highly-Anticipated 5th Mini Album Autumn


The time has finally come! DKB has finally released their 5th mini album Autumn, which BB, their fandom, has been anxiously waiting for. DKB released their first mini album, Youth, back in 2020, during the year they debuted, and the last album they released was REBEL on April 28, 2022.

DKB is a special group because they release music that is different than what other K-pop groups have going on right now. They mostly focus on making R&B and Hip-Hop songs that feed the cravings of fans that are nostalgic about second-generation songs.

DKB’s most popular songs include ‘Rollercoaster,’ ‘ALL IN,’ and ‘Tell Me Tell Me.’ The members are known for composing and creating songs with deep and meaningful lyrics that everyone can relate to. Often, the members create songs about relationships, growth, heartbreak, and other situations that plague young adults every day. When you listen to their songs, you feel understood and heard.

DKB just finished a US tour in June, and they have a Grand America tour coming up in September. BB was speculating that they would release new music ahead of their upcoming tour, and their fans were right! The comeback schedule was released on August 11, with Autumn to be released on August 25, at 6 PM KST! Within their comeback schedule, the group released a lot of fun content before their album release, such as a highlight medley, spoilers, concept photos, dance practice clips, and making logs. All this pre-release content was used to get BB excited about Autumn‘s release, and it definitely worked! 

via DKB’s Official Instagram

Some of the members were involved in composing the lyrics and producing Autumn, so one can imagine how much more meaningful and special this album is to DKB. Autumn is comprised of 5 songs, with the title track being ’24/7.’ The other tracks on the album include ‘Peep My Show,’ ‘Autumn,’ ‘Bubble,’ and an instrumental version of ’24/7.’

via DKB’s Official Instagram

If you want to grab a physical copy of Autumn, here is what the album contains:

Cause I’m so into you, my love. You know how much I love you.

’24/7′ lyrics by DKB

Autumn is such an amazing album, and DKB always finds a way to raise the standard every time they release new music. All of the songs on this EP are bops, and there certainly are no skips! The title track ’24/7′ has an addictive beat with a nice touch of acoustics. In addition, Teo, a member of the vocal line, did an impeccable job writing ‘Autumn’ and his vocals on the track are out of this world! ‘Bubble’ is a really comforting song, and when you listen to D1’s soothing voice, you forget about everything else in the world. Also, ‘Peep My Show’ is a track that BB can easily dance to and would be a great song for DKB to perform live to get the crowd hyped! As mentioned before, DKB always makes songs that have meaningful lyrics and Autumn is right on par with their usual style. 

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You can check out the music video for their title track, ’24/7′ below:

If you were to ask us about our favorite song on the album, it would be impossible to choose because the songs are just that good! Which song on Autumn do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter!

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