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5 Songs By jxdn Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By jxdn Your Playlist Needs

From his beginnings as a TikTok star, all the way to having toured the U.S. twice, the new-generation pop-punker jxdn has proven to be a breath of fresh air for the genre. Already having a studio album and EP under his belt, as well as a few standalone singles, the singer doesn’t exactly have the smallest discography, which is why we’re here to personally recommend our favorites to you, and we’re pretty sure you’ll end up loving him as much as we do.

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‘Angels & Demons’

With this being jxdn’s breakout single, it’s not hard to see why this song is still his highest charting to date. Lyrically, it compares his lifestyle to that of the average, only slightly more lavish-leaning rockstar, basking in both the glory and challenges that concern living a life similar to his. Overall, it makes for a great song that’s just as fun as it is soul-crushing, attempting to balance two extremes with each other.

‘Drivers License’

In early 2021, Olivia Rodrigo’s debut single ‘Drivers License’ took the world by storm, to say the least. The song went to Number 1 on various charts in numerous countries and became one of the biggest songs of all time, currently sitting at number 67 on Spotify’s list of the 100 most-streamed songs on the service. Not long after the original’s release, jxdn covered it perfectly, switching its genre effortlessly from a slow, melancholy pop song to something a lot rockier and guitar-driven.


‘Comatose’ was the first single to ever be released by the singer, coming out in May 2020. While jxdn’s sound has developed and matured since ‘Comatose,’ it’s clear he took his time on this and means every word he sings. Above all else, it’s a solid debut that perfectly showcases jxdn’s talents and makes them stand out in a great way.

‘Tonight (ft. Iann Dior)’

The only collaboration on this list, rapper Iann Dior fills the special guest slot on this carefree party anthem. All about the positive, this song features lyrics about not letting the bad things in life drag you down, especially during nights out with friends. It’s something you don’t want to miss out on, whether you need some uplifting or just want something fun to listen to.

‘Even in the Dark’

Switching moods for a second, the final song we want to showcase is a lot more of an emotional one. ‘Even in the Dark’ is an acoustic ballad that sees jxdn at his most vulnerable, discussing the death of his friend Cooper Noriega, who sadly passed just 19 days before the song’s release. It’s a great way to channel the pain of losing someone, and is sure to make any listener shed a few tears.

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With these songs in mind, we hope you add some of jxdn’s music to whatever playlists you can, because we absolutely adore him and want you to give his material the same love we do.

With a pretty sizeable discography for such a new artist, there’s something special for everyone to enjoy, so let us know which songs you liked the most and why! As always, you can leave a comment or tweet it to us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP.


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