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Five Rina Sawayama Songs To Get You Hyped For The Release Of Hold The Girl

Five Rina Sawayama Songs To Get You Hyped For The Release Of Hold The Girl

In under a month, our ears will finally be blessed with Rina Sawayama’s highly anticipated sophomore album Hold The Girl and we at THP couldn’t be more excited about it. The thirteen-track album is set to drop on September 16th, featuring her singles ‘This Hell,’ ‘Hold The Girl,’ ‘Catch Me In The Air,’ and her newest release ‘Phantom.’ So, to get you even more hyped for the return of Rina Sawayama (or Rina Slaywayama, as she is currently titled on Twitter), we’ve selected five of our all-time favorite Rina songs for you to listen to!

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‘Phantom’ comes as the newest release from Rina’s upcoming album Hold The Girl and stands in stark contrast to the three other singles she has released so far. Lyrically, the song continues to discuss themes such as reconnecting with childhood and identity, both of which have been consistent in the previous singles and, according to Rina herself, will be consistent throughout the album as a whole. Sonically, however, the single is a power ballad that is packed with emotions and vulnerability. When discussing the single, Rina stated: 

“I realized as an adult that I have spent my whole life pleasing other people and not realizing it – constantly pushing my boundaries and not realizing the difference between what I wanted to do and what other people wanted from me. Through the lyrics in the verse I’m trying to tell this story and then in the choruses I’m morning the loss of my real self.”

Rina Sawayama

Rina will soon be embarking on North American and UK tours and ‘Phantom’ is one we certainly can’t wait to see live. Get your tickets to the tours here!


‘LUCID’ is an addictive dance-pop banger that discusses the idea of living a whole other life through daydreaming. This is reflected in the super fun music video that Rina released alongside the single, featuring Rina entering into a brightly colored and fast-paced animated world. While being highly dance-able and super fun, the song still maintains a dreamy quality that truly makes it feel like you’re experiencing a lucid dream. Some of you may have actually heard this song before as it was featured in the third episode of our favorite TV show Heartstopper and, honestly, if anything is Charlie Spring or Nick Nelson approved, then its THP approved too. This song is certain to get you hyped up for the new album and we can’t recommend it enough!

‘Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)’

Following on from the heavy rock-inspired single that was ‘Stfu!,’ ‘Comme Des Garcons (Like The Boys)’ was the second single released from Rina’s self-titled debut album, SAWAYAMA. ‘Comme Des Garcons’ is a bouncy and electronic synth-pop song that discusses the idea of gaining confidence through adopting negative masculine traits and tropes. Inspired by early 2000s dance songs, ‘Comme Des Garcons’ is the perfect club night anthem and is sure to get you instantly hyped up. We also have to mention how much we love the music video that Rina released alongside the song. Combining trippy visuals with images of Rina flexing her muscles and dressing as a man, the video ultimately takes a jab at the masculine traits she is singing about. We have no choice but to stan!

‘Bees and Honey’

‘Bees and Honey’ was a bonus track from her debut album and is, perhaps, one of her most underrated tracks. The song utilizes Rina’s classic upbeat pop musical style and gives it an edge through loud screaming and heavy guitars towards the end. The song is a sharp commentary on capitalism and the gig economy but still manages to feel lighthearted, fun, and highly enjoyable. Despite only being 1 minute and forty-six seconds long, ‘Bees and Honey’ certainly packs a memorable punch and is the perfect song to listen to while we wait for the release of Hold The Girl. 

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‘Beg For You’ – Charli XCX feat. Rina Sawayama

From Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa to the return of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, this year has been jam-packed with great collaborations, and ‘Beg For You’ is no exception. Released as a single from the CRASH album, ‘Beg For You’ sees the pair-up of pop icons Rina Sawayama and Charli XCX and, to be honest, we couldn’t have asked for a better pairing. Using a fusion of Eurodance and garage, ‘Beg For You’ blends together Charli and Rina’s voices perfectly to create an addictive and euphoric single that was simply haven’t been able to stop listening to since its release. We really hope to see these long-time friends pair up again in the future!

We hope that these songs are enough to tide you over until Rina releases Hold The Girl on September 16th. In the meantime, however, what your favorite Rina Sawayama songs? What songs are you claiming from the new album tracklist? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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