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If You’re A Fan Of Lauren Spencer-Smith, You Have Been Fed These Last Few Days!

If You’re A Fan Of Lauren Spencer-Smith, You Have Been Fed These Last Few Days!

You heard us! Lauren Spencer-Smith is on a roll with all of the iconic things she’s been doing for us! Don’t quote us on this, but we can feel an album coming on! (Lauren, if we’re right, you can tell us. We won’t tell anyone.) Let’s jump right in and break down some of the newest milestones in the world of Lauren Spencer-Smith.

Lauren Spencer-Smith Released The Piano Version Of ‘Narcissist’

As if the original version of ‘Narcissist’ didn’t hurt enough, Lauren dropped a piano version, and you can find us crying on the floor. We are absolutely obsessed with both versions of this track! It’s like choosing a favorite seems impossible. There is a talent about Lauren Spencer-Smith that we just can’t describe.

This piano version is no joke, it’s emotionally debilitating, to say the least. The pure raw emotion that Lauren usually puts into her songs is turned up to a ten on this track. The entire THP HQ is devastated thinking about each of our love lives, tears streaming as we speak. (Well, as we type. You know exactly what we mean, don’t even try it!)

Did You See Lauren Spencer-Smith Killing It At The VMAs?

You know how sometimes when watching the VMAs you see an artist that you know and they just absolutely smash it? That’s how it felt seeing Lauren sing on Sunday night! She got up on that stage and sang her heart out and we couldn’t be more proud. She was hands down one of our favorite performances of the night. Her talent is bound to be the talk of the town… The Honey POP Town!

If you missed both iconic performances, we’ve got you covered!

She is a powerhouse and nothing is stopping her absolute climb to the top! Her performing at the VMAs on a small scale is clearly just a stepping stone to her winning VMAs and performing on the main stages. We can’t wait to see how far her talent takes her! We’ll be back here cheering her on in our cubicles!

Lauren Spencer-Smith Is Turning Heads And We Are So Proud!

Can you believe how far she’s come since her cover of ‘All I Want?’ We are so proud of her! In fact, we’re so proud we had a little dance party just for her! Lauren, you rock, and your talent is out of this world. Lauren Spencer-Smith is living proof that if you put your mind to it, dreams come true.

We are addicted to her talent, so addicted that we’re begging for a new song or the whole album. (Please, the whole album we beg of you!) Until that inevitable iconic album drops, we’ll just sit here, crying into our ice cream, singing to the killer tracks we already have!

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How obsessed are you with the piano version of ‘Narcissist?’ Did you catch the iconic VMAs performance? Is your jaw as far on the ground as ours? Do you love Lauren Spencer-Smith as much as we do? Let us know down below, or on Twitter Instagram, or Facebook! You can also catch us in emotional discussions on Discord!

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