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13 Times BTS’ Jungkook Gave Us Major Style Inspiration

13 Times BTS’ Jungkook Gave Us Major Style Inspiration

Many male idols are known for their fashion, like TXT’s Yeonjun, SEVENTEEN’s Minghao and SHINee’s Key, but one idol we think might be a little underrated when it comes to his style is BTS’ Jungkook! The golden maknae is a complete all-rounder and that includes his sense of fashion too. We simply think not enough people are talking about Jungkook’s style, and we’re here to change that! Here are 13 of the times Jungkook gave us all of the style inspo and all of the style envy.

Image Source: BTS Official Facebook

190811 Jungkook

Pretty cruel of us to start this list with this one, huh? No ARMY was the same after the cultural reset of BTS’ Lotte Family Concert on 11th August 2019. We’re not sure what possessed Jungkook on this day, but we reckon the perfectly tailored black glitter suit might have something to do with it.

Yellow At SOWOOZOO 6th Muster

There are plenty of reasons why we love this outfit, not least because it was the first time we saw Jungkook flaunt his tattoo sleeve on stage. The yellow shirt and coordinating sunglasses were the perfect summer vibe for performances of tracks like ‘Dynamite (Tropical Remix).’ Plus the color combo of the yellow outfits and purple staging at SOWOOZOO was *chef’s kiss.*

Blonde JK At The Golden Disc Awards

Can we get a moment of appreciation for blonde Jungkook, please? We miss him every day. This performance is quite rightly best remembered as Yoongi’s grand return to the BTS stage post-shoulder surgery, but the outfits were stunning too. The contrast of Jungkook’s white satiny shirt and black leather harness mimic the emotional juxtapositions in ‘ON’ and ‘Black Swan,’ making it the perfect outfit for this performance.

‘Pied Piper’ At 5th Muster

Image Source: Tenor GIFs

Ok, maybe this one isn’t about the outfit exactly but you can’t have “iconic” and “Jungkook” in the same sentence without talking about BTS’ 5th Muster. One of JK’s more casual on-stage outfits, we love how much movement the polka dot shirt has during the choreography. And also, we just wanted to look at that GIF.

Balenciaga Double Denim In Las Vegas

Image Source: @jungkook.97 on Instagram

This might be the first mention of Balenciaga JK on this list, but it won’t be the last. During BTS’ time in Las Vegas for the PERMISSION TO DANCE: ON STAGE series, Jungkook wore this already-iconic double denim look to soundcheck and to check out the BTS-themed shows at the Bellagio fountains. This outfit is quintessential JK, and we love to see it!

‘Airplane pt2’ At MAMA 2018

All seven members of BTS look divine in these all-white fits, but after his dramatic entrance to the 2018 MAMAs in Hong Kong, we have to give this one to Jungkook. 2018 seemed like a year where Jungkook’s style developed a lot, and his confidence and charisma in this performance of ‘Airplane pt2’ demonstrate that.

‘Black Swan’ Music Video

Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT Music

‘Black Swan’ is not only one of the best songs in BTS’ incredibly expansive discography, but the music video gave us some of BTS’ best styling to date. Jungkook’s eyeliner-and-leather-corset look embodied the energy of ‘Black Swan,’ and he looked (there’s no other way to put it) beautiful.

‘Dynamite’ Music Video

Image Source: @kookhopegifs on Twitter

From one iconic 2020 music video to another! ‘Dynamite’ was the song that changed everything, and BTS’ fits in this era were iconic too. Taken from the music video and worn again for their performance on America’s Got Talent, we love the vintage 70s vibe of this Gucci collection, and Jungkook’s permed hair during this period of intense global promo was iconic in its own right too.

2020 MAMAs ‘ON’ Dance Practice

Whilst Taehyung might be the BTS member best known for dressing up for dance practice, we have to give a shout-out to Jungkook too. This rehearsal fit for the performance of ‘ON’ at the 2020 MAMAs is the perfect blend of tailored sportswear that only idols can seem to achieve. Also: ponytail.

Jungkook x Balenciaga

We warned you we’d need more time to discuss this! If there’s one thing 2020 Jungkook was gonna do, it was wear Balenciaga, and look beyond good doing it. From airport fits to press interviews, you can often find Jungkook wearing an oversized jacket or two-piece from Balenciaga, and basically looking like the pinnacle of Gen Z idol fashion.

‘Euphoria’ On Tour

Image Source: Tenor GIFs

Is putting ‘Euphoria’ on this list kinda evil of us? Maybe so. But we’re sticking with it. All of the outfits Jungkook wore to perform ‘Euphoria’ across the Love Yourself Tour series were iconic, but the pink double denim fit takes the crown. The outfit captures both the song’s emotional tone and Jungkook’s personal style perfectly!

See Also

‘Idol’ on The Tonight Show

BTS’ week-long residency at The Tonight Show gave us some iconic performances and some iconic looks! This performance of ‘Idol’ was special for a lot of reasons but we love seeing BTS wearing modern takes on traditional Korean hanbok. Jungkook often incorporates traditional clothing into his modern Gen Z style, and we love that being brought to the stage too, especially for a song like ‘Idol.’ Also: another shout-out for the ponytail.

‘My Time’ At MOTS ON:E

Image Source: Tenor GIFs

Did we save the best for last? Come on, if we wrote this list and didn’t include ‘My Time’ JK it would basically be void. Both the black leather and red patterned outfits across the two days of MOTS ON:E were cultural resets. ARMY were never the same again.

See what we mean? Jungkook is a style icon, and that’s all there is to it! This really could go on forever and there’d still be more looks to talk about. But we have to give honorable mentions to Cherry Koo, 2020 GRAMMYs Jungkook, and all of the looks from the PERMISSION TO DANCE: ON STAGE series. Oh, and purple-haired Jungkook and roller-disco ‘Dynamite’ JK. Not to mention Tiny Desk Jungkook, and ‘Dionysus’ Charles Jeffrey sweater JK and ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ era JK.

Ok, we’re stopping for real now.

What are your fave JK outfits? Anything we simply should not have missed off our list? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! If that’s not your thing, we’re also on Instagram or Facebook!

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