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BOOK REVIEW: Take My Husband By Ellen Meister

BOOK REVIEW: Take My Husband By Ellen Meister

Take My Husband
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Summary: Anyone who’s been driven up a wall by their spouse will relate to Laurel Appelbaum, whose husband Doug has become more of a burden than a partner: unemployed, unhealthy, and demanding, he’s holding Laurel back from the things she wants. When Laurel finds out Doug was in a car accident, she pictures for a moment how much better her life would be without him. Doug survived the accident with barely a scratch, but now the gears in Laurel’s brain are turning… She would never kill Doug outright, but what if she just helped nature along its course?

Content Warnings: Mentions of death, suicide, depression

This book has a LOL-worthy take on self-discovery and feeling stuck in one place. Laurel has an authentic voice, and her thoughts are relatable in a funny, morbid kind of way. Everyone can relate to that feeling of feeling relieved when we shouldn’t… maybe not about the same things Laurel does, but to each their own 😂

The Humor

Take My Husband had so many funny moments, the premise is just so ridiculous and fun that it’s hard not to laugh! But there are also deeper moments about feeling stuck in the situation you’re in and about feeling helpless. Although the main character is in her 50s, this book feels like it can be crucial to people of every age.

There were so many funny twists and hilarious situations, we loved every second. Lowkey, this book gave us ‘Hot and Cold’ by Katy Perry vibes, and we are here for it.

We Loved These Characters So Much

One of the things we loved about Take My Husband was all the characters. There’s a huge cast of characters in this book, and each person has a well-rounded, fun-to-read personality. We also loved Laurel’s self-confidence throughout this book. We get a lot of “yasss queen” moments from Ms. Laurel, and we stan! Ellen Meister is a master of writing every character with a ton of personality and fun quirks, but not so much that our main character is overshadowed. Laurel remains in the spotlight, and we love her.

The Relatability Is There

Everyone has been in that situation, whether at work, at school, or just among your friends, where you just need an escape. We can all use a vacation, ya know?

We love how Ellen parodies this and plays with the concept of Laurel needing an escape from her husband and the way she twists this story all over… it’s an entertaining masterpiece besties.

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Take My Husband by Ellen Meister hit shelves on August 30th! You can order here.

So that’s our review of Take My Husband by Ellen Meister! Will you be adding this book to your TBR? We are dying to know! Tell us in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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