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What If Madison Beer Gave Disney Princesses A ‘Dangerous’ Makeover?

What If Madison Beer Gave Disney Princesses A ‘Dangerous’ Makeover?

Music has always left its imprint on fairytales, whether it’s the soundtrack of a modern-day Bridgerton episode or a Disney classic from the 1990s. Some of the most memorable moments in movie history are the ones where two lovers from opposite worlds lean towards each other in anticipation of their first kiss, while a crab croons ‘Kiss the Girl’ in the background. And who doesn’t remember Cinderella giving a private concert to the kingdom’s critters with ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes?’

But unfortunately, not all fairytales get that gooey, romantic ending we’re rooting for. Sometimes they go south, leaving us brokenhearted and wishing there was some other way for the story to end. That’s something Madison Beer knows far too well! Her first foray into a storybook world was ‘Reckless,’ a track with a magical, music box-esque intro and a music video that sees Madison in a tiny, Thumbelina-sized form – she wanders around a universe she feels too small for and discovers her boyfriend has secret feelings for someone else.

Before now, ‘Reckless’ was a standalone release and the first song Madison offered us since dropping her debut album, Life Support. But she’s not alone anymore, because now we also have ‘Dangerous!’ This gorgeous track returns to the fairytale-gone-wrong concept of ‘Reckless’ with a whimsical orchestral backing, along with a music video that sees a life-sized Madison standing on a center stage box, crooning her heart out in a black gown.

Though Madison looks and sounds stunning in both ‘Reckless’ and ‘Dangerous,’ it crushes us to watch her happy endings slip away from her. So we’re doing our stanning duties and reimagining her fairytale motif, this time with a happy ending! Would she find her Prince Charming after all? Would she meet other princesses along the way, like Belle or Tiana? What would be her modern take on their iconic dresses, and what would be her theme song in each universe? Tap into your inner hopeless romantic, and let’s find out!

Ariel – “Counting the Stars, They All Felt So Far, But It’s Always Felt Like Home to Me…”

After a life of not getting to indulge her fashion sense because of her mermaid tail, Ariel had so many dresses to catch up on! This two-toned pink gown is definitely one of her most memorable – she most notably wore it while she used a dinglehopper – or fork – to brush through her scarlet hair at a formal dinner with Prince Eric. It’s actually a combination of previous Disney Princess dresses as well! There’s Cinderella’s full skirt, Snow White’s diamond-featured puffy sleeves, and Aurora’s pink tinge.

We think that for her version of Ariel’s rosy look, Madison would wear something like the slitted Dolce & Gabbana dress that she wore to the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. The fitted bodice and those angled side panels remind us of the bodice and diamond sleeve details on Ariel’s dress!

If Ariel were in Mer-choir, we think she’d definitely gravitate towards Madison’s ‘Homesick,’ since both songs talk about feeling out of place where you are. Living somewhere you don’t necessarily feel you belong, for far too long, may have you dreaming of faraway, sandy lands where princes with shaggy dogs walk around!

Belle – “Mascara On Your Third Eye, It’s Making All The World Blind”

The Life Support Tour’s lookbook holds a glimpse of regencies past – many of the outfits were flouncy mini-dresses finished off by Madison’s adoration for bows! While we were seeing the tour pictures roll in, we nicknamed this yellow dress “the Belle dress.” It had its moment during ‘Selfish’ with roaring thunderclouds on the screens behind Madison.


barbie by madison beer (unreleased) #madisonbeer #barbie #unreleased

♬ original sound – hosslersounds

As for Belle’s soundtrack, we think she’d love Madison’s unreleased track ‘Barbie!’ The song is all about Madison feeling like an outsider of sorts, much like Belle did before she met The Beast. Like Madison, she wanted something beyond just beauty – who cares for roses that wither under a witch’s spell when the most romantic present your man could give you is a library wing?

The Beast knows Belle so well, but some people frowned upon Belle for all the knowledge she got from reading, and she felt like the oddball of the town before she stumbled on The Beast’s castle.

Elsa – “My Skin Is Made of Glass, But Apparently, It’s Stained ‘Cause You Notice All the Cracks”

Madison’s 21st birthday and Disney’s Frozen hold the same electric-blue theme, and she and Else even both opted for a long train on their skirt! Elsa’s is more on the traditional side, with snowflakes stitched into its fabric to mirror her ice superpowers. Meanwhile, Madison takes a funky approach with a combination of fur, feathers, and a whole lot of bling. 

If a Disney princess ever went to therapy, Elsa would be sitting on the therapist’s couch – she went through so much while she was learning to accept herself and her powers. After she hurt her younger sister, Anna, with her powers when they were younger, she reigned them back a little, shunning that part of herself. All the while, Anna is the one noticing Elsa isn’t being her true self. ‘Stained Glass’ would definitely be the perfect soundtrack for a deleted scene duet between the sisters!

Tiana – “I Can’t Understand You, ‘Cause I Don’t Speak Boy, No”

Madison’s whole ethos is that you have to put yourself first while looking for a healthy relationship, as you’ll find a couple of jerks along the way. And if any princess can speak to that message, of course, it’s Tiana!

She’s not only a badass chef who has a dream of running a restaurant, but she also had to kiss a frog to eventually meet her prince—even if that meant that she turned into a frog along the way. Can’t be as unconventional as some of the other ways to meet someone, can it? Madison wore this green sweetheart dress to this year’s Met Gala, and it meshes so well with Tiana’s lily pad dress.

With so many post-breakup empowerment anthems in Madison’s catalog, it’s hard to settle on one! So we don’t blame Tiana if she has a playlist like we do, which she’d jam out to during the busy hours of the restaurant. The most loopable one is totally ‘BOYSH*T!’

Cinderella – “Never Got the Chance To Tell Our Story, A Tale As Old As Time”

Remember back in 2015, when “the dress” was sweeping the internet as everyone debated whether its fabric was black and blue, or blue and gold? Cinderella’s ballgown is the original version of the dress – the fabric is meant to be glass-like, so the blue is more prominent as it reflects the night sky. On the flip side, it could seemingly be more golden if it were showcased in daylight. While it’s missing the white gloves, Madison’s dress from the ‘BOYSH*T’ music video still keeps the puffy sleeves, as well as the contrast between the dotted bodice and the fluffy skirt.

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One of the first things we want to do after a glow-up is to thank all the people who were there for us during the hard times! So, while Prince Charming remains faithful to Cinderella, her resemblance to Madison’s ‘Dangerous’ stems from her inability to tell her glitzy tales to her father, who died before he could see what her life became. Although bearing some similarities, the life she saw in her head isn’t the one presented in reality, keeping that one tucked into her memory.

Our Inner Royalty

‘Dangerous’ is the start of a more honest, vulnerable and mature chapter. It’s about accepting that some situations didn’t pan out the way you imagined. And it’s about questioning your own responsibility in a relationship. I’m really excited for fans to hear this new side and hope they love it as much as I do!

Madison Beer

Whether you’re a songstress, living behind castle walls, or just really love music – if The Princess Diaries has taught us anything about royalty etiquette, it’s that a crown usually belongs on all of our heads. Madison’s fans thought so, too, as they celebrated ‘Dangerous’ with an adorable trend called #selfiesfordangerous. The bonus perk is that Madison saw some of these tweets and replied lovingly! Isn’t she just a real-life princess?

The Ball

Now that we’ve all concluded that there’s a princess in all of us, we obviously need somewhere grand to meet. Perhaps the Reading and Leeds Festival? Madison even put ‘Dangerous’ into her set. Dressed in her signature corset – one that was a heavenly white with the other taking on a darker shade – it was the first time she performed the track live! If you were there, we’re 1000% jealous.

Do you already have your gown sorted for a re-watch of Madison’s ‘Dangerous’ music video? Are you gonna wear a fairytale-esque look for her next tour? She may not have announced one yet, but that doesn’t stop us from crossing every set of fingers that she will. We can’t wait to see what other fantasy visuals she cooks up for us! In the meantime, you can stream ‘Dangerous’ on any musical platform, including Spotify and Apple Music

Keep an eye out for our Madison Beer tag, our little-known safe place to gush all about her. You can also find us over on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


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