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5 Things We Can’t Get Over When It Comes To SHINee Key’s ‘Gasoline’

5 Things We Can’t Get Over When It Comes To SHINee Key’s ‘Gasoline’

Lockets and Shawols assemble and get your Shating Stars ready because we are about to freak out, and you are welcome to join us. We have been trying to get over this new album for a couple of days and have finally finished collecting our thoughts. Our verdict? No one does it like the master Key himself. He did that.

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What did he do? Well, do you live under a rock? Because Key just dropped his second full solo album, Gasoline, with the lead single of the same name and channeled his inner Greek god and gave us the comeback of the year? Yes, we are biased Shawols, but that just means we can appreciate the art and also cry over the music as fans with fans!

There is so much to love about this album that we had to narrow it down to a couple of things we just can’t help but love! Let’s get into it.

The Overall Concept

Key really outdid himself this time around with the concept for this album. Not only did he step it up even further from Bad Love, but he also brought back the old-school horror movie vibes we didn’t know we were missing. These concept pictures were so amazing, each one is honestly poster-worthy. We need all of them right this instant.

Key Gasoline
Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment
The Music Video

Okay, okay, the music video for ‘Gasoline?!’ Hello?! Are we all seeing this? There is so much going on, and Key looks so good doing it all. The greek god vibes, the dance moves, the vocal performance. Everything is perfect. ‘Gasoline’ is described as a hip-hop dance song with a strong brass sound, energetic drums, and a concise yet addictive chant, and honestly, we completely agree. This is mad addicting to watch and listen to!

The B-Sides

We were screaming the entire way through this album. There isn’t a miss on this full record yet again, and we have the hardest time ever to even narrowing it down to two or three favorites because the album is just that good. SHINee things we think. The album offers us 11 tracks filled with different musical genres, R&B to pop tracks, darker-sounding songs (perfect for Halloween), and the long-awaited ‘Another Life’ that Key teased to us through his concert last year. Overall, it is the perfect album for any occasion!

The Album Packaging

We are always blown away by the unique packaging Key comes up with, and he outdid himself this time again. Truly collector items he is offering to us with Gasoline! Especially the VHS version is a highlight, and we can’t wait to have it join our collection on our holy shrine- ehh, K-POP shelf, that’s what we meant, of course!

Key Gasoline
Image Source: SM Entertainment
The Stage Performances

Key has already started to promote this banger-filled album, and we have to say: We. are. blown. away. The stage outfits for this era are absolutely insane. Key looks incredible (the eye makeup people!!), and the performance with his backup dancers are truly amazing to watch, the dance moves are so sharp! We can’t stop gushing about this masterpiece, apologies. Yes, If you know us, we are sorry, but Key’s Gasoline is our favorite thing for this week, month, and year and we won’t stop talking about it!

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And with that, we will shut up (for now)! What’s your favorite thing about Key’s Gasoline? What’s your favorite song on the album? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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