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We Are ‘Better’ With Mamamoo+ And BIG Naughty

We Are ‘Better’ With Mamamoo+ And BIG Naughty

Moonbyul Solar Better

Moomoos welcome back, it’s been a while! We know you’ve been waiting for a comeback—we have too! Fortunately Moonbyul and Solar (affectionately called ‘MoonSun’ by moomoos) are here to save the day! Yes, the day has come when we get a unit comeback, and we could not be more excited! Even ‘Better,’ we have a feature with BIG Naughty, and he fits right in with our MoonSun. The two are the first to take on the unit project, Mamamoo+ (Mamamoo Plus), so that means there’s more to come. Let’s not waste any time and get right into the new track!

Moonbyul Solar Better
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

The Moon, The Sun, And The Road

If you’ve ever thought about what it might be like to take a road trip with Mamamoo, look no further. The music video for ‘Better’ shows you exactly that (at least with Solar and Moonbyul). It’s a video very befitting for the two eldest members of Mamamoo, and the song itself takes a more R&B route, which we weren’t quite expecting! As a whole, ‘Better’ was a pleasant surprise. Let’s explore the music video and song a little bit more.

As we mentioned before, this music video depicts Moonbyul and Solar on the road for the most part. They occupy a cute orange Jeep-esque car and drive it around until stumbling upon BIG Naughty, who is walking by himself by a side road. The girls pick him up in their car and continue their trip until they reach a carnival. After going through the items in his bag, they take him into the park to get on the rides.

The music video ends with MoonSun taking BIG Naughty home, only to find him sleeping in the backseat. They take the opportunity to doodle cat whiskers and a nose onto his face, and then they finally drop him off. Moonbyul shows Solar their GPS, which has their next stop and they speed away while tossing their jackets out of the car. We wonder what that next location is? Since this is a project for Mamamoo units, maybe this storyline will be continued with Wheein and Hwasa’s potential Mamamoo+ unit? Who knows!

‘Better’ In Song

‘Better’ is a chill, R&B track that, coincidentally, is perfect for road trips! It’s driven mostly by Solar’s honeyed vocals and features a melodic rap verse by Moonbyul and BIG Naughty each. However, both Moonbyul and BIG Naughty lend their vocals to the track as well. In some parts of the chorus, you can hear Solar singing an octave higher than Moonbyul, which we absolutely loved! BIG Naughty sings a few lines from the last chorus as well, and he sounded absolutely fantastic. The song itself expresses how you’re better with the one you love; you’d do anything with them, even nothing, so long as you’re with them. It’s almost as though the world is more colorful and new when you’re with this person. It’s such a lovely sentiment, and we definitely are fans of a love that feels like that. Absolutely phenomenal job, Moonbyul, Solar, and BIG Naughty!

The Future Of Mamamoo+

This was such a great start to the Mamamoo+ project; Moonbyul and Solar exceeded our expectations! We’re curious to see what comes next, however. Will this be like their 4Seasons project? Is Wheein and Hwasa’s unit next? We have so many questions! You know what, we’ll just focus on ‘Better’ right now, and cross that bridge when we get there. This is definitely going on our K-POP Essentials playlist so be sure to check that out!

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So Moomoos, what did you think? We’d like to know what you thought about ‘Better:’ everything from your thoughts on the music video, how you liked BIG Naughty’s musical color paired with MoonSun’s, which parts of the song you liked, and more. Don’t worry, we’ve got time to listen! You can either tell us in the comments or…you can give us your TEDTalks on our Twitter, @TheHoneyPopInstagram, and/or Facebook. Until the next Mamamoo+ unit release, we’ll be in hibernation…while listening to ‘Better.’

Moonbyul Solar Better
Image Source: Tenor


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