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4 Songs By The Aces Your Playlist Needs

4 Songs By The Aces Your Playlist Needs

The Aces

Are you a new fan of The Aces? Maybe you’ve been looking to get into them and just don’t know where to start, or maybe you’ve never heard of them at all. No matter what, we think you’ll want to give this article a read.

We all get tired of the same songs playing over and over on our playlists. You just have to make some new additions every once in a while. If you’re an alternative pop fan, or just love a good song by empowering women, we think The Aces is the next band you should look at adding. Here are four of their songs that we think are musts for any playlist.


From the first time we gave it a listen ‘Daydream’ has always been one of our favorites from The Aces. Much like they did in the song’s music video, we just want to blare this song in the car with all our friends, singing along with the windows down.

‘Last One’

Are you nostalgic for the early 2010’s when Paramore ruled the pop-punk world? Then ‘Last One’ is the perfect The Aces song for you! Every time we hear this song we think of Paramore and Echosmith. It’s hands down our favorite song from When My Heart Felt Volcanic.

‘Thought Of You’

This song is a bit slower than the other options in this article. This beautiful love ballad isn’t the first sound that comes to mind when we think of The Aces, yet they still did it really well. We know there’s a special spot on your playlist for this song.

‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die’

We’ve had The Aces newest song on repeat ever since it came out about a month ago. From the beginning of the song and its heavy instrumentals, it’s clear this song has a strong rock influence. Just trust us on this one and give it a listen.

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Have you given The Aces a listen yet? If not what are you waiting on? If so, which of their songs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or over on our Twitter @thehoneypop.

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