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5 Seconds Of Summer Announced Their Global Livestream And Boy Do We Have Ideas!

5 Seconds Of Summer Announced Their Global Livestream And Boy Do We Have Ideas!

We assume you already have 5SOS5’s release date marked, but now, make sure you have September 22nd marked as well! 5 Seconds of Summer have announced a live stream of their reimagined versions of all the songs we know and love from throughout the years! They’ve titled it The Feeling of Falling Upwards, and we’re obsessed!

Now, originally we were under the impression that this was a live event only, but of course, 5SOS finds ways to surprise us time and time again! (Maybe we should start calling them SurpriseSOS. Okay, that was lame, we sincerely apologize.) Regardless of what you want to call them, we’re so proud of this accomplishment!

Obviously, we’ve got to share the songs we think we’re going to hear! We wouldn’t be The Honey POP if we didn’t share our every waking theory with all of you! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

‘Ghost Of You’ Orchestra Version

Now this one is less of a think and more of a demand. 5SOS, if you’re reading this, we need it. We don’t want it, we need it. The idea of the already killer vocals being sung alongside violin, cello, and maybe even a little clarinet. (Look we’re not composers, we just want what we want.) We will throw a party the moment we hear this beautiful rendition start. 

‘Broken Home’ Orchestra Version

Before you ask, no we’re not okay. This song would 100% break our hearts into a million little pieces, but it’s a must-have. 5 Seconds of Summer knew what they were doing with this one. The sound would be absolutely impeccable. Nothing sounds more emotionally debilitating, but also more enticing than this. ‘Broken Home’ is a THP favorite, and this would only amp it up just a bit!

‘Outer Space/Carry On’ Orchestra Version

‘Outer Space/Carry On’ is one of our favorite 5SOS songs and we’ve got the tattoo to prove it. That’s right, we inked it! Anyways, we would do just about anything to hear this song. Not just hearing it live, but hearing it with an orchestra? chef’s kiss! We can make an entire presentation on this concept alone, so 5SOS, make it happen!

‘Good Girls,’ You Guessed It… Orchestra Version

Clearly, we have a theme with the orchestra, but we want what we want and we will not be judged. Plus, the sign says a live orchestra, why not own it? Now, we know this sounds insane as a choice, who would choose ‘Good Girls’ to hear with an orchestra? Well, the answer is, us. We would choose it. In a heartbeat. Who can forget the string quartet from the music video? It would be the most on-brand homage we could ever think of! We can hear the fetus 5 Seconds of Summer stans coming out of the wood work!

Regardless of what they play, we’re going to be ecstatic either way! We haven’t stopped crying since the announcement. Of course, we already have the CD and the vinyl preordered, so now all that’s left for us to do is order tickets for the live stream! Of course, we would share the link, but the show is already sold out! You can however, click here to preorder the album!

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What songs do you think they’re going to play? How stoked are you for 5SOS5? Have you already preordered the album? If so, what color did you get? Which songs have you already claimed on the album? You can let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can also pop over to Discord, we love to chat! 

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