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It’s Time To Continue The Story of Billlie With The Bilage Of Perception: Chapter Two

It’s Time To Continue The Story of Billlie With The Bilage Of Perception: Chapter Two


We would like to formally welcome you to the end of the world and the awakening starring, Billlie.

And they’re back! Coming up on a year since their debut, Billlie strikes again with another hit mini-album. We’re always so excited to get new music from the group, and we’re always equally excited to get pulled further into the lore of Billlie (pssst for a little more info about that, check out our coverage of chapter one).

Image Source: Mystic Story

Okay, let’s first talk about the leading track ‘RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world).’ And we know we’ll probably say this about every Billlie leading track, but this track is our favorite release from Billlie. When we tell you we didn’t expect this kind of track from Billlie, it’s an understatement. The track opens up with a very iconic electric guitar riff that immediately pulls you in. And right off the bat, you realize how their voices fit the pop-punk/rock concept so well! We are really hoping for a sound like this in future tracks, btw. As with all Billlie tracks, the song and MV further introduce us to the group’s always-exploring lore, and with this mini-album, we’ve learned a lot.

The Mystery Continues

So, the journey Billlie takes throughout their tracks, and MV’s is to find Billlie Love, while also running into/away from really strange creatures. And with each track, we learn more not only about the members but Billlie Love as well. Billlie Love is an old friend of the girls, who was always with them when they were struggling, even representing some of the members. When the members are struggling, they dawn the mask, as seen in the MV. You can also see that the members are getting pulled into a nightmare reality as they are all being chased by the same type of creature. And as we mentioned, we also learn more about the members in the liner notes, which reveal more about the MV, and what object each member represents in the MV.

We actually found a really good thread to catch you up on all things Billlie Lore! Be ready to fall into the world of Billlie. Also, make sure y’all watch the MV because all previous MV’s of tracks are connecting.

We have to say ‘Ring ma Bell’ is absolutely our favorite, and from seeing the group perform it, they love it too. But, if we had to pick another track, it would have to be ‘B’rave ~ a song for Matilda,’ which is a reference to the book and movie of the same name. If you haven’t seen it, you really should; not only is it really good, but the lyrics will also make more sense.

billlienet via Tumblr

We absolutely loved the album and loved learning more about the friendship between Billlie and Billlie Love through the lyrics of each track. We also love to see how the group continues to grow and improve with each release and performance. We know we’re going to love this era!

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We would love to hear any theories you may have, and which track you loved most, in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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