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No More “Waiting For The Countdown,” The New dodie EP is Officially Coming

No More “Waiting For The Countdown,” The New dodie EP is Officially Coming


While it has only been a few weeks since the release of ‘Got Weird,‘ we’ve been seriously craving more new dodie releases. After days of teasing us on their social media, dodie has finally announced the release of their newest EP as well as their titular single, ‘Hot Mess.’ 

dodie actually first introduced us to this song back in February when they released the demo version on their YouTube channel, aiming to write a new song every month in 2022. They have also released demos such as ‘unhinged,’ ‘these things,’ and ‘don’t wanna know.’ They truly have kept us very well-fed this year, and we’re absolutely living for it.

Personal and intimate lyrics are a distinctive feature of dodie’s discography, so of course, this song is no exception. The lyrics discuss the chaos of existentialism and feeling like you’re stuck in a rut or an endless cycle of events that you cannot control. This song thematically reminds us of dodie’s 2016 track ‘When,’ discussing similar ideas of the passage of time and waiting for things to happen. dodie pairs these introspective lyrics with their classic soft vocals, bringing a bright yet haunting quality to the song that just works so well. If we’re completely honest, we think this may be one of our favorite vocal performances from dodie thus far, making us even more excited to see what the rest of the EP has in store!

dodie paired this announcement with the release of the ‘Hot Mess’ lyric video. The video shows dodie happily singing and dancing along to the song, its carefree vibe creating a fun contrast to the thought-provoking lyrics. This is the second lyric video dodie has released this year, and their videos truly never disappoint. We really hope they continue to bring out more!

When describing the song, dodie stated: 

“Hot Mess is the result of the messiest, most intense, painful, and exhilarating start to the year. It’s a wonky, dramatic but playful cycle – charging forward but around and around, again and again. There are flickers of real moments (I really did dry heave after reading a text) in an overall desperate plea to find a way out that in no way is going to come from me!”

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Set to release on September 30th, the Hot Mess EP features a total of four songs, including the fun and catchy ‘Got Weird’ as the second track and ‘Hot Mess’ as the first. See the tracklist below and pre-save the EP here

  1. ‘Hot Mess’
  2. ‘Got Weird’
  3. ‘Lonely Bones’
  4. ‘No Big Deal (I Love You)’

What do you think of ‘Hot Mess?’ Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram. Also, make sure to check out our Hot in the Hive playlist to listen to ‘Hot Mess’ and even more great song recommendations!


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