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3 Of Our Favorite Songs From Foster’s less than three

3 Of Our Favorite Songs From Foster’s less than three


We love appreciating music and everything about it, so when we get a new opportunity for that, we jump right in! Say thank you to Foster, for providing that through his debut EP less than three (and congratulations, we are loving it!)

To give you a quick introduction, the EP touches on some vulnerable and important topics, and we’re here for it! Expressing oneself in a relatable way through music is how we know we will be appreciating the artist’s work for a long time.

We have to be honest, the EP left us speechless! How do you praise something when it already has quite a strong presence of its own? Click play and listen That’s it, that’s all you need to do, and you will be as hooked as us. But, we are aware that saying that is simply not enough to convince some, so we will try to gather our lost-for-the-moment words as we go through some of our top picks!

You can check the full EP here.

It is incredibly hard to decide on a few favorites out of the six tracks which make less than three. Every song is an emotional ride that you’re in till the end once you’re on! But we tried really hard, and these are our three picks.

‘digital gf’

We knew we would love the EP as soon as we heard ‘digital gf!’ We have been blasting this track, and we can’t get enough of it. The music, the lyrics, Foster’s voice, it’s a hit on all fronts in our ears! A catchy song for the books, with a double meaning behind it.

‘digital gf’ can generally be perceived in two ways: the main would be the addiction to being on your phone, and the other would be a guy in a relationship with a girl via the internet (long distance or haven’t met them yet, etc.)


Can you relate to either of those? So many of us are, dare we say it, addicted to our phones. The things we use them for give us such a pool of various emotions, good and bad ones, and yet we keep coming for more. Well, we know this song is one of the good ones, so we will definitely keep streaming it (psst, join us!)

‘here we go again’

Our next pick is ‘here we go again.’ This is another piece that captivates us with its musicality and, also explores a serious topic. This one is about mental health and the struggles that come with it.

It can be difficult for people to relate to something unfamiliar to them, and the song points that out pretty well. The part “Try to talk but I know you can’t relate / We’re better off / If I could just pretend” is the perfect example of it, and how the one having a hard time is also the one feeling like a burden. The title also emphasizes that these struggles are no strangers and are rather an occasional occurrence to deal with.

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‘less than three’

For our last pick, we give you the track which touches on the topic of love, the one carrying the name of the EP itself, ‘less than three!’ If you’re like us, you will be singing along, enjoying this one way before the song ends.

Love is not simple and definitely has its ups and downs, as well as moments of confusion and doubt. Foster manages to capture all of these in such a beautiful way, we just had to crown this one as another favorite!

So, what do you think of Foster’s debut EP? Do you have a favorite already? Share with us on Twitter, we would love to hear from you! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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