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5 Funny Moments From SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun Tour in North America

5 Funny Moments From SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun Tour in North America


SEVENTEEN is currently traveling around the globe on their third world tour, Be The Sun. The tour began in Seoul, South Korea, on June 25 and will end in Aichi, Japan, on December 4. However, SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun North American leg of the tour is sadly coming to an end on September 6 in Newark.

The tour in North America has been filled with so much fun, dancing, singing, and lots of laughs. Here are five out of the many hilarious moments from SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun tour in North America:

Wardrobe Malfunction

A Carat was having a great time dancing to ‘Snap Shoot’ but may have gone a little too hard when they almost had a wardrobe malfunction on the big screen. Some of the SEVENTEEN members noticed this incident and fell over on stage from laughing so hard when the Carat fixed their top.


carat had an accident i’m crying #seventeen #svtinatlanta

♬ bring it back – <3

SEVENTEEN Members Meet Beyonce

Seungkwan asked a Carat what their name was during the fan-interaction time, and when the Carat said “Beyonce,” Seungkwan was surprised and excited after learning the Carat’s name. Seungkwan even started singing ‘Halo,’ and some of the other members started singing ‘Single Ladies’ after the interaction. Instead of singing “single ladies,” they cutely sang “double ladies” because there was another Carat standing next to Beyonce.

Thomas the Train Sign

There is a running joke amongst Carat that Seungkwan looks like Thomas the Train. A Carat brought a sign with Thomas the Train on it and wrote “Mr. Thomas” at the top of the sign. Seungkwan noticed this Carat’s sign and gave the Carat the side-eye and jokingly asked the crowd if he actually looked like Thomas the Train.

SEVENTEEN Engaging With Their Translator

Mingyu and some of the other members were laughing at the way their translator was saying “world,” and the translator had to translate to Carats what the members were saying about her. We love to see that kind of inclusion! Leave it to SEVENTEEN to make everyone feel like part of the show. The way they can find joy in the small things melts our hearts.

Mingyu Got Leg Cramps

Mingyu was trying to impress Carats with his dance skills but had to stop and take a break when his body betrayed him by cramping up. However, Mingyu did not let the cramps stop him! He continued dancing after a small break until he got leg cramps again, and at that point, he laid down on the stage and gave up.

Did any of these moments make you laugh too? Leave a comment or let us know about your favorite moment from SEVENTEEN’s tour on Twitter or Facebook.

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