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4 Of Our Favorite Songs From Oneus’ Malus

4 Of Our Favorite Songs From Oneus’ Malus

Not even four months since their last release, Oneus is back again with another bangin’ mini-album! Their eighth EP, Malus, hits all the marks in our book. We at THP didn’t skip through a single song!

OneusMalus features seven amazing tracks, all of which Ravn co-wrote and/or co-composed. Leedo and Seoho also contributed to b-sides like ‘Stupid Love’ and ‘Gravitation.’ (The talent!!)

Oneus' Malus concept photo
Left to right: Keonhee, Seoho, Ravn, Hwanwoong, Xion, Leedo (Image Source: RBW Entertainment)

We love to see artists being so involved in their music, and Oneus gives us everything and more with this comeback. If we’re being honest, we could gush about every song on Malus for DAYS. But since not everyone has that much time to listen to us, here are just four of our favorite songs from Oneus’ Malus!

‘Intro: Eden’

Is this really a Oneus comeback review if we don’t talk about the intro? Anyway, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that these boys will always deliver a killer intro! They somehow impress us with their talent in each new release, and we eat it up every time. ‘Intro: Eden’ is the latest addition to our list of Oneus songs that deserve full versions immediately.

‘Same Scent’

Y’all. The title track for Malus? Are we kidding? Everything about ‘Same Scent’ makes us swoon. The lyrics are about remembering an ex-lover’s scent in everything you do and regretting that you can’t get it back. The dreamy and mature music video visuals paired with the instrumentals building up to the chorus are phenomenal. From the flower imagery to the water dance sequences, the choreography is just breathtaking. And the English version? They keep getting better and better.


If we could pick one song From OneusMalus to put in our morning playlists, we’d choose ‘Mermaid.’ We had a feeling that it would be one of our favorite b-side tracks after listening to the highlight medley. And we were right. ‘Mermaid’ is an addictive track about being so enchanted and in love with someone that they become all you see. It has such feel-good vibes that are bound to bring extra sunshine and good energy to your day.

‘Full Moon’

We’re switching to a darker concept with the hard-hitting b-side ‘Full Moon,’ which is right on time for the impending spooky season! OneusMalus has already proved to be a solid EP, but ‘Full Moon’ seals the deal for us. The mesmerizing instrumental lets us embrace our villain era, as we should! Everyone’s crooning vocals are out of this world, and it’s almost unfair for a group to be this talented. Almost.

Oneus continue to surprise us with the variety of music genres in their songs. They have hit after hit with every comeback, and now we have Oneus’ Malus to blast on repeat. We’re convinced that these boys don’t sleep.

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Oneus' Malus concept photo
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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