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Wind Down Summer With Skofee’s ‘Wind Up Hero’

Wind Down Summer With Skofee’s ‘Wind Up Hero’

Skofee laying on the floor in the desert. Photography for 'Wind Up Hero'

Say hello to Skofee, the alt-pop talent you need to be adding to your playlists. She comes with immaculate vibes, a songwriting superpower, and a whole lot of star potential. Her new single, ‘Wind Up hero,’ shows that she’s a force to be reckoned with and a name we’re expecting to be familiar in alt-pop circles soon!

Skofee is closing out the summer with ‘Wind Up Hero’ and we’re here for it. The song is about being the person who is always the one to summon the strength to be the person who’s around for everyone else. The ‘Wind Up Hero.’ Skofee spoke about what that kind of mindset does to a person and how that comes through the lyrics.

I’d misheard something a friend said and, thinking they’d said ‘Wind Up Hero’. The resulting song is sung through the character of the ‘Wind Up Hero’, who will never let you down regardless of how much pain she’s in. It addressesmy tendency to emotionally drain myself in an effort to make space for someone else’s feelings, which ends up serving neither party. Showing up for someone when you’re not in a good place feels a bit like summoning a superpower, so I felt the metaphor was fitting

Skofee on ‘Wind Up Hero’

Skofee’s Influences

Skofee’s music has a lot of different influences melded together. Both in her sound and visuals, she channels ’70s and ’90s undercurrents. The music is reflective of what she listened to growing up with a modern twist. It’s the best of old and new combined! It’s simply… Skofee.

You can hear early influences within the chorus and its Stevie Nicks-esque vocals. It sounds like it would fit into a contemporary Fleetwood Mac album if they got into modern pop. Skofee is an artist with a strong artistic vision which is channeled all through the music video for ‘Wind Up Hero.’ You can watch it below and take in all the good vibes it channels!

If you’re loving the Skofee vibe, we have good news! Her sophomore EP, Joyland, is due to be released later this year following a handful of singles to look forward to! 2022 is the year of Skofee! If ‘Wind Up Hero’ has set the tone for the rest of the EP, we absolutely cannot wait to hear what she’s got in store for us!

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