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We’ll Never Be ‘Ungrateful’ When It Comes To Megan Thee Stallion

We’ll Never Be ‘Ungrateful’ When It Comes To Megan Thee Stallion

September has barely even begun, but it’s already been one hell of a busy month for Megan Thee Stallion stans. From her surprise appearance in Marvel’s new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series to a rumored upcoming collab with rap icon Lil Kim. Megan has seriously kept us on our toes, and we couldn’t be more excited about everything she has going on right now. And just when we thought Megan couldn’t be more booked and busy, she has blessed our eyes and ears with the release of her newest music video, ‘Ungrateful.’ 

‘Ungrateful’ is the second track from Megan’s sophomore album Traumazine, released a little under a month ago and receiving high praise from critics and fans alike. The album explores themes of female empowerment, death, and overcoming trauma, featuring some of THP’s favorite artists like Dua Lipa, Rico Nasty, Future, and Jhene Aiko. Traumazine follows on from Megan’s Something For Thee Hotties, her 2021 compilation album that gave us iconic tracks like ‘Tuned In Freestyle’ and ‘Thot Shit.’ 

‘Ungrateful’ mixes Megan’s distinctive rap style with heavy beats to create an understandable feeling of anger and outrage, emphasized by Megan’s sharp and precise flow that simply never misses. Featuring Key Glock, the song discusses how Megan has cut out the toxic people in her life who have used her for her fame and refuses to give them a second chance. Now, that’s ‘hot girl’ behavior if we’ve ever seen it. 

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Directed by Colin Tilley, the video shows Megan meeting an alternate version of herself at a funeral, before teaming up with Key Glock and driving off into the rainy night together. Although we may not know the definitive meaning behind the music video, we think that the alternate version of herself that Megan meets is perhaps the rebirthed version of herself after she cuts out all of the toxic people in her life. This is emphasized by the white dress worn by alternate Megan, with white symbolizing peacefulness and clarity.

The jaw-droppingly gorgeous dress worn by alternate Megan contrasts the black dress worn by the original Megan, as black dresses often symbolize grief and sadness. While we cannot definitively say that this is what the dresses symbolize, we can say that we think Megan looked absolutely stunning in both of these gowns and wish that we had them in our wardrobes.

Prior to ‘Ungrateful,’ Megan also released a music video for her track ‘Her.’ Also directed by Colin Tilley, ‘Her’ features Megan performing a vogue-inspired dance routine while she reminds singers that she is, in fact, ‘she.’ Megan is truly the queen of music videos, and we cannot wait to see more ideas from her incredible mind. 

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