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Our Favorite Outfits From TWICE’s BETWEEN 1&2 Era!

Our Favorite Outfits From TWICE’s BETWEEN 1&2 Era!

ONCEs, are you still obsessed with BETWEEN 1&2 like we are? We can’t get enough of the amazing tracks from this comeback and the performances we have seen in these couple weeks! In honor of TWICE securing some incredible charting positions, like the third spot on Billboard 200 and the first place on Billboard Artist 100, shall we revisit our favorite outfits from this era? Let’s get into it!

GIF Source: @jeunnie on Tumblr

Nayeon Is An Iconic Fashion Queen!

We love when our girls feel confident, and Nayeon is an absolute queen! Can we talk about how she makes every outfit work? Our favorite outfit that she has worn this era is the iconic black outfit that went viral on Twitter! It truly made our hearts ‘POP!’

Jeongyeon, Our ‘Queen of Hearts!’

Every time we see Jeongyeon having fun with the other members, we just can’t help it but smile. We have loved seeing her enjoy this era as much as we have! Our fashion pick has to be her outfit in the ‘Queen of Hearts’ Live Clip. Her glasses and her rock-inspired vibe complimented her vocals so well!

GIF Source: @twuce on Tumblr

Momo Always Slays In Pink!

We’re obsessed with how good Momo looks in pink, it compliments her so well! She truly is the Barbie of K-Pop! Everything from this look gets a 10/10 from us: the jacket, the shorts, the hair accessories… It’s the perfect color for her!

Sana, We Love Your Bangs!

Sana’s look on the ‘Talk That Talk’ MTV Fresh Out performance was our favorite from her wardrobe this era! The initial formation for this dance made her great look shine during this performance, and we loved every single detail from it! The black dress, her bangs, and her high boots left us speechless!

GIF Source: @planetpatientia on Tumblr

Jihyo, Our Rockstar!

Jihyo always wears such great outfits, and her outfits have been amazing this era! Our favorite has to be her denim, rock-inspired look, with her cute braids to match the vibes. We loved how she was jumping and having fun while singing with her best vocals! It’s always such a blessing to live in the same universe as Park Jihyo.

Mina, The Pastel Princess

Mina always wears pastel colors in the most delicate way possible, and she looks stunning with this corset! The lace and the long sleeves are the perfect combinations of dainty and racy. Mina, you are a fashion princess!

Dahyun’s Accessories Are A Must!

Dahyun always looks the cutest with her hair accessories! She has also been the cutest ending fairy this era, making different hearts throughout TWICE‘s performances. Her ribbon for this outfit is so adorable, so it had to become our favorite look for this era!

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Chaeyoung, Ponytail Stunner

As ONCEs, we love when Chaeyoung gets creative with her outfits, and we have been so grateful to see her fashion evolution. Our favorite look this era has been a combination of one of her outfits from her concept photos with ponytails! Such a great look, she looked stunning!

Tzuyu’s Pink Hair Is Just Fabulous!

Tzuyu surprised us with her adorable pink hair, and we can’t get enough of it! Our favorite Tzuyu outfit this era combines blue and pink, and she totally pulls this combo off. She also dances our favorite part from ‘Talk That Talk,’ making references to ‘YES or YES!’ So, so cute!

GIF Source: @fspecial on Tumblr

Do you like the same outfits as we did? Have we missed any of your faves? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more coverage on our favorite K-Pop groups, click here!


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