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Nessa Barrett Dropped ‘madhouse’ And Announced Her Debut Album! Now It’s Time To Theorize About young forever! It’s What We Do.

Nessa Barrett Dropped ‘madhouse’ And Announced Her Debut Album! Now It’s Time To Theorize About young forever! It’s What We Do.

If we’re being honest, we have no idea how Nessa Barrett does what she does. Every single release is better than the last, and we didn’t think that was possible since she’s been killing the game since the release of ‘Pain.’ Now, with ‘madhouse’ being released, we’ve got one more thing to be excited about.

Nessa Barrett announced the release date for her debut album, young forever, and we simply can’t think straight. Of course, we immediately pre-ordered the signed vinyl. (although we wish it had the option to be her best friend.) If you haven’t already pre-ordered young forever, we got you. Click right here, honey bee! 

The Honey POP is here to do what we’re known for! (No, not cry over 5SOS. That was one time.) We’re here to tell you all the theories we think we should be looking forward to on Nessa’s debut album. Buckle in, because it’s time for some tears and some cheers. 

Influential Moments

Before Nessa was able to step out into the light as a talented musician, she first blew up on TikTok, which makes her an influencer, and we know how hard that can be. We’re hoping that this album will be able to shed some much needed light on the scrutiny Nessa Barrett and other influencers alike face in the public eye. It’s a reality many people don’t face. But we’d be interested to learn more.

We are blessed to see the sides of influencers that we see every day, but there’s another side that we’re not always able to witness. The Honey POP’s hope is that young forever will touch on topics that some people don’t know. We’re no influencers, but something tells us that they deserve a lot more credit than we give them for the work they do.

Mental Health Awareness

Nessa Barrett is amazing at always making us feel seen when in regards to mental health, and we’re hoping to see even more of that on the album! We know that this year hasn’t been the easiest for Ness, and we truly admire how no matter what she’s going through, she tries her best to be honest in the form of her music.

Like her song ‘dying on the inside,’ and her new track ‘madhouse,’ we could be experiencing more songs that share the perils that come with being an influencer, especially struggling with a mental illness. It’s also possible that we could be seeing a song to honor the amazing life that was Cooper Noriega, as he and Nessa were best friends.

Lyricism Is Key

One thing all of Nessa’s songs have in common other than being replayed constantly by us here at The Honey POP is that the lyrics are genius. We don’t know how she manages to make each song so unique yet still perfectly in her style, but we know we don’t ever want it to stop. Our minds are exploding, trying to figure out how she does it. (Pssst. Give us the secret.)

See Also

We seriously just want to sit in the writing room and watch the thought process. (Yes, we know the album is already done, don’t be mean.) Right here, in this article, at this very moment, The Honey POP is labeling Nessa Barrett as one of our favorite lyricists, and you can’t change our minds.

Nessa, We Love You!

No matter what this album contains, we know we’re going to be absolutely addicted to it. Prepare to be stuck listening to us rant about it for weeks. We have no shame. To Nessa, thank you for sharing your music with us and the rest of the world. It’s an honor to hear your truth through song! To all our honey bees, go pre-order young forever. Here’s the link!

Have you had the chance to stream ‘madhouse?’ If so, how many times have you replayed it? Are you ready for young forever? What do you think Nessa Barrett is gonna include on the album? You can let us know in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! We also have a Discord server you can drop in!


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