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Our Favorite 5 Tracks From ONE OK ROCK’s Luxury Disease

Our Favorite 5 Tracks From ONE OK ROCK’s Luxury Disease

We’ve been waiting for three years for a new ONE OK ROCK album and Luxury Disease is finally here. And yes, it’s another masterpiece.

All the tracks in the album are unique and incredible in their own way. With this album, it feels like the band goes back to their roots with more rock-driven songs than their last album. This time, ONE OK ROCK truly explore new sides of rock they had never fully explored before, with their own unique flare, and it is just incredible. 

This entire album is worth checking out, but if we were to list our top five songs from Luxury Disease – these ones are our picks!

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‘So Far Gone’

First in our list of highlights from Luxury Disease is a song that is on the softer side of ONE OK ROCK’s discography. If you liked their 2010 song ‘Wherever You Are,’ this one is definitely for you. ‘So Far Gone’ has that sad yet hopeful feel to it – it is bittersweet, heartbreaking and powerful all at the same time. It might be a softer and slower song, but its build-up makes it so incredibly powerful and Taka’s vocals are just mindblowing as always. And the lyrics. ONE OK ROCK’s lyrics have always been top-tier, and Luxury Disease is no exception.

‘So Far Gone’ is just an incredible pop-rock song that won’t be leaving our playlist any time soon.

‘When They Turn the Lights On’

Remember how we said that in this album ONE OK ROCK explores sides of rock they hadn’t fully explored before? Well, ‘When They Turn the Lights On’ is the perfect example of this. Imagine Queen made a song with My Chemical Romance during The Black Parade era, and add to that ONE OK ROCK’s unique flare – you get ‘When They Turn the Lights On.’ This song is a masterpiece. While it is something we definitely didn’t expect from the band, they pulled it off incredibly well and we’re so glad to have this song in our lives now.

At this point is there anything ONE OK ROCK can’t do?

‘Gravity’ ft. Satoshi Fujihara

This one is a bit more special than the other songs on this list because ‘Gravity’ is only available in the Japanese version of Luxury Disease. So take this also as a hint that you should check out both versions of each song – it’s worth it, believe us. The back and forth between English and Japanese has always been something we adore in ONE OK ROCK’s music. And ‘Gravity’ will make you understand why. This optimistic and empowering song feels like an anthem and makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs. And the addition of Satoshi Fujihara’s voice sounds truly special and makes the song even better.

‘Gravity’ just hits in the best way possible and it took only a few seconds to know that this one would be one of our favorites.

‘Your Tears Are Mine’

ONE OK ROCK has always known how to end an album properly and Luxury Disease is no exception. Even if there is a bonus track, ‘Your Tears Are Mine’ is the official closure to Luxury Disease. And it is perfect.

Starting slow and building up into an incredibly impactful and vulnerable rock song, ‘Your Tears Are Mine’ brings the perfect hopeful end to the album. This song feels like a hug disguised as a masterpiece. Oh, and if you ever doubted Taka being one of the best vocalists out there – this will definitely change your mind. (He’s insane for that bridge.)

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‘Let Me Let You Go’

Our last favorite song in the album has been out for longer than the album, but it’s been on loop since then. ‘Let Me Let You Go‘ is the latest single from Luxury Disease, and we can tell why. It has everything you could wish for in a pop-rock song: the heartfelt and relatable lyrics, the addictive melody and chorus, and an incredible instrumental. ‘Let Me Let You Go’ is catchy and addictive in the best way possible, and makes you want to play it over and over again.

This one is already a song for the books from ONE OK ROCK.

What’s the song from Luxury Disease you have on loop? What are your top five tracks? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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