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‘Forget Me?’ Lewis Capaldi, We Can Barely Stop Thinking About This Single Rollout

‘Forget Me?’ Lewis Capaldi, We Can Barely Stop Thinking About This Single Rollout

Slot yourself into one of two groups upon your favorite artist going on a *whispers* hiatus: the energetic leg bouncers with excited intentions who pack up a small essential bag made up of the singer’s past bangers to camp out in their mentions asking, “where’s the album?” Or the zen, meditative thinkers who watch in anticipation as the artist drops breadcrumbs along the journey, whether it being photos taken from inside the studio, removing their bios, or even the most obvious, the envied by other fandoms, comeback announcement. 

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We’re not going to tell you which one we slotted ourselves into because upon asking to roll the footage, the answer would be an accumulation of both! It is Lewis Capaldi we’re talking about here, just FYI. King of fandom hall passes if we ever were granted the green light into going full keyboard warrior! Spelling out just as many expletives as he utters in a sentence, crooned with an easy-going Scottish accent. We clearly don’t have the will to chill over any music coming from him! 

Entering a New Era

His activity status rolled over to hiatus back in 2019 after his debut album hit, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent. As it came out a year before the pandemic, we had to bid ado to so many wondrously fun things, including his opening act on Niall Horan’s Nice To Meet Ya Tour.

But only a couple of days ago, that activity status started flickering between grey and green, and no, it wasn’t because of a malfunction – can you imagine how our breathing would’ve been then? – rather a banner change on Twitter, spotting a rare sighting of a contemplative Lewis with the sun’s rays hitting his forehead, surrounded by the serene glow of lilac skies blending into the ocean below. 

Image Source: Lewis Capaldi

We’ll cut to the chase now – the song’s called ‘Forget Me,’ and upon first glance, it sounds an awful lot like something the jokester of Hollywood would send over before switching back into hiatus mode. Thankfully, or unfortunately for his lackluster love life, if you need a wing woman, just let us know; the upbeat pop jam is about when you realize the person you spent the last few years with has already moved on happily. It’s the sorta heartbreak tune you’d find your ex dancing with their new boo to while you’re both at the club, you, of course, joining that ‘hailing for the taxi’ club. 

A Dummies’ 101 Guide on How To Market a Single 

It’s a wee bit more upbeat than my previous numbers, mostly because after touring the world, I noticed that my lesser known slower tracks were making some of the crowds look like they were about to fall asleep out of sheer boredom. However, this new one is sad AND fast, much like my love making. Not to worry, I’ve still got plenty of depressing ballads up my sleeve. More on that another time…

Lewis Capaldi

It wouldn’t be Lewis, however, if there wasn’t some humor spilled in there somewhere, and while we may have to squint for it on the single itself, there’s definitely so in its advertising rollout! It’s why we’re breaking down his week for you, so instead of cracking open one of those yellow Dummies 101 books on how to have a comeback successfully, you can instead do everything Lewis Capaldi does. It’s our mantra daily, so why not for this occasion too? 

Step 01. Show 20,000 Best Friends the Song You Wrote About Your Ex

Think having their team click upload on their newest single before the outpour of reactions fill the socials is the most terrifying? Lewis, our thrill-seeker, took that to one more extreme by teasing the audience at his O2 arena set with a soundbite from ‘Forget Me.’ 


Never been more nervous in my entire life… This is my new single ‘Forget Me’ #newmusic #livemusic #forgetme #corn

♬ Forget Me – Lewis Capaldi

Step 02. Naked Billboard

We can only imagine the endless possibilities of poses Lewis may have in store for his ‘Pinterest photo,’ the cute snap where celebrities stand in front of their full glam billboards in the achievement of their newest completed milestone. For those who are onto it, a similar undressing ensemble is the YouTube cover photo for the ‘Forget Me’ music video, launching really soon. 

Image Source: Lewis Capaldi Official Instagram

Step 03. Get Naked Again…

Lewis also had some health news this week as he said he experiences Tourette’s Syndrome, a condition sparked by the nervous system where people have involuntary tics. Disrobing again, he humorously poked fun at himself by stating the public’s newest ambassador is unlike the business-attired ones they’ve seen before.


you’d never catch ed sheeran having to do this #newmusic #edsheeran #yfronts

♬ Forget Me – Lewis Capaldi

Step 04. Drag up Your Famous Friends Tweet

Who needs to prompt Lewis to search through his phone contacts for a famous friend during an interview when he can just deep scroll one of their socials, finding a tweet, in this case, from 2019? It’ll reinforce the tweet’s message and make it known that he hangs out at the cool table, aka the one we’ll also be lunching at. 

Step 05. Let the Panic Set In

Imposter syndrome even visits the most talented pop stars, and it’s understandable as between their record label’s expectations and their mother’s – “It’s not the best song I’ve ever heard, but I do like it,” Lewis’s mother, Carole, states. – releasing a single is a nerve-wracking time.

Step 06. Realize Who You Are by Taking a Shameless Victory Lap

‘Forget Me’ is a song that’s so dear to my heart. and I definitely feel like it’s my best tune yet. It’s about a breakup I went through where after a year, the only real contact I had with my ex was seeing her ‘post-me’ life play out on her Instagram. I was at a point where I was feeling pretty miserable, and she seemed like she was moving on and having the best time, thriving, and I hated it. It seemed unfair to me that she appeared happy while I was hurting, and I was fearful she might have forgotten about me completely, so I wrote a song about it.

Lewis Capaldi

Look, we may fully know the effect Lewis Capaldi has on the people, but who are we to tell him not to upload a celebratory selfie burst of his happy grin for reaching 2 million plays in less than a day? We’ve even made one of them our iPhone home wallpaper, so every time Spotify tries to get us to listen to something else, we’ll just click play again on ‘Forget Me,’ knowing we’re doing it for him.

Image Source: Lewis Capaldi Official Instagram

Spotify isn’t the only home for this tune; you can also find ‘Forget Me’ on Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and all of those other streaming websites our music-worshipping heart loves. 

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Have a favorite lyric from ‘Forget Me?’ Did it do its trick by bringing you back onto memory lane, recounting every painful detail about your most recent breakup? We’re here with an album full of Lewis Capaldi gifs and a shoulder to cry on, so come visit us on our socials, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! 


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